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admin 1/7/2022

3CX Maintenance for Perpetual licenses 1-Year (3CXPSM) 3CX Maintenance, previously called 3CX Upgrade Insurance, is included for the first year of any new 3CX Phone System package. After that, you are going to want to keep current on your Maintenance. Compare 8x8 Voice to 3CX. Not charging for extensions makes 3CX the clear winner in cost. See how much you can save by switching by calling today. Other systems require you to pay full license cost for these low use phones but with 3CX, there is no extra cost. Cons: I've noticed they are too innovative. Where most other phone system are quite stagnate and only release bug fixes, 3CX regularily release new features and is constantly improving capabilities. 3CX Registration Details Checker. Use this page to verify the registration details linked with your 3CX license key. Enter your license key below, verify the captcha.

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Overall: For years we had 4 dedicated ATT land lines coming into the office. Most of the employees had 3-4 line phone on their desks, and we would have a few wireless handsets available dispersed in the building. At the time a fully enabled PBX system was simply not justifiable financially. The 3CX software based PBX system changed all this. With a single IP based SIP, we are able to hold up to 16 simultaneous calls! It also piggy backs on the TCPIP network, so when moving to the new office, we did not have to run and install a single phone rj45 jack. Within the day, every employee had a dedicated extension assigned that can be linked to their mobile phone (if they want) . We also created RING GROUPS allowing to dial an extension like 72535 (SALES) which would ring all the sales staff. Everyone liked the ease of picking up others calls, transferring calls, transferring to voice mail and more. You can also load an app to your IPHONE or ANDROID for 3CX. As long as you have DATA services or WIFI, your extension is fully functional anywhere you travel worldwide.