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The Topaz Lightroom plug-ins feature a set of easy-to-use tools for color and exposure, HDR effects, detail adjustments, noise reduction, digital art, masking and extraction, smoothing and texture control, sharpening, bokeh and much more.

Sep 19, 2017  Timelapse Workflow is an Adobe Lightroom plugin that saves time when editing time-lapse sequences by automating many aspects of the process. Jan 10, 2019  I had the timelapse templates installed and they worked just fine with my lightroom 4 untill now (Exporting video through slideshow tab). Yesterday I upgraded to Lightroom CC and now I don't see the oprions I had in the slideshow for making timelapse. Jeffrey’s “Timelapse Support” Lightroom Plugin. To deinterlace a set of photos, select them all and invoke File Plugin Extras Deinterlace Photos. After specifying the number of positions in which photos were taken, and the prefix to use for collection names, the plugin will create a collection per position an put every Nth photo. LRTimelapse allows keyframing and grading of time lapse sequences in an all-raw-file-based workflow, together with Lightroom Classic 7, 6, 5 and 4 and Adobe Camera Raw. LRTimelapse supports the animation and keyframing of more than 400 Lightroom tools and any raw image format that is supported by Lightroom / Adobe Camera RAW.

Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 5 software includes an extensive and powerful array of tools for managing, editing, and showcasing your images. Even better, Lightroom is highly extensible. Its plug-in architecture allows third-party developers to create a huge variety of software plug-ins that let you add new features and capabilities to the already rich Lightroom toolset.

Develop presets let you quickly apply a specific look or editing style to your images, and they can be easily shared. Choose from thousands of different looks created by developers and other Lightroom photographers. See more develop presets.

Streamline your workflow and easily add creative effects with more than 140 free Lightroom presets created by Photoshop expert Jack Davis.

These plug-ins enable you to use the Lightroom export interface to send images to particular online photo sharing sites, social networking sites like Facebook, or even other applications, letting you instantly create a Gmail e-mail with one of your photos attached, for example. Explore export plug-ins.

Export List [Mac OS, Win]

Easily generate a complete inventory of all uploaded photos when you export or publish from Lightroom. Export List supports multiple output formats, such as plain text, HTML, and CSV. HTML output provides easily customizable grouping by keywords or any metadata field.

Use the export plug-in to email your images via your Gmail account, either as individual attachments or as a single ZIP file.

Raise Adobe Lightroom Plugin

This add-on for any export or publish service can strip/retain specific image metadata in exported copies. It can be useful to protect privacy (by removing location and camera-serial data), hide the photo's edit history, and reduce bandwidth requirements.

LR/Enfuse provides a convenient interface onto the open source Enfuse application, which provides excellent blending of multiple exposures of the same scene into one final image. Simply select the images that need blending together and choose Blend Exposures Using LR/Enfuse from the File menu.

Costco Photo Center [Mac OS, Win]

Streamline the process of uploading photos from Lightroom to your Costco Photo Center account. Easily manage your albums within Lightroom.

This plug-in allows you to optimize images for display on an iPad or other device with a fixed screen size.

Use this add-on for any export, creating a snapshot of each image's develop settings with each export so you can later revert to exactly the same settings. It's like a develop settings backup.

LR/Mogrify 2 is a post-process plug-in that embellishes your images as they are exported. Add borders, watermarks, and text annotations. It can also produce JPEG images that are compressed to no larger than a required file size.

Publish plug-ins let you upload images to online photo sharing sites such as Flickr® and Facebook directly from within the Lightroom Library. Stay tuned as new publish plug-ins are developed.

NextGEN Gallery [Mac OS, Win]

Publish and export photos from Lightroom to your blog running the NextGEN Gallery for WordPress. Manage albums and easily create blog posts or blog pages for new galleries, all within Lightroom.

LR/Blog is a plug-in that allows you to export your images directly to your blog. Version 1.70 has been tested with WordPress (3.2), NextGEN (1.9.0), and Blogger (hosted blogs only). With LR/Blog you can also create new posts for your images using an advanced templating system.

Export-to-Zenfolio by Jeffrey Friedl is a plug-in for Lightroom that allows to integrate Zenfolio into your digital processing workflow. The plug-in offers direct upload to Zenfolio with a variety of powerful configuration options.

Piwigo [Mac OS, Win]

Easily publish photos from Lightroom directly to your Piwigo hosting account, manage your albums within Lightroom, and download comments and ratings for your photos

Publish and export photos from Lightroom directly to your Snapfish account. Supports all international Snapfish accounts in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacifi

The SmugMug Publish Plugin lets you sync your photo library with your SmugMug photo sharing site and publish images back to your online galleries.

Many stunning templates and styles are available as plug-ins that expand the number and variety of HTML and Adobe Flash® Player compatible web galleries that you can create in the Lightroom Web Module.

Upload photos and videos from Lightroom directly to your Gallery 3 hosting service. Easily gain control of your existing albums and photos using the advanced import features.

LRB Exhibition is a website creation plug-in for photographers that features up to seven slide show galleries, about and contact pages, custom pages, the capacity for large images up to 1200px, and more.

LRB Portofolio is a website creation plug-in for photographers that features up to seven scrolling galleries, an about page, a contact page, custom pages, and more.

TTG offers a range of plugins for Lightroom's Web module, allowing users to create standalone galleries or complete websites using the largest, most robust and flexible set of Web creation plugins currently available for Lightroom. Creates galleries, pages and even a blog theme using HTML5 and mobile-friendly practices, with features including e-commerce, client proofing, password protected galleries, gallery indexing, and completely customizable design. A dedicated support forum is available.

Impact WSPP can be used to generate an entire website to showcase your work. Instead of a single gallery, you can create a complete web presence that includes a structured hierarchy of galleries.

Make it even easier to get your photography tasks done quickly with plug-ins for many specialized jobs and specific steps in your workflow.

The TPG LR Backup plug-in gives you peace of mind by simplifying backing up your Lightroom environment. It allows you to automatically back up the configuration files of Lightroom, and manage catalog backups, from within Lightroom itself.

Tag images within your Lightroom Library with location information using this plug-in, which supports several methods of adding geoencoding data to photos, including a GPS tracklog, raw/latitude/longitude, and Yahoo/Google map URL.

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Bulk Develop allows you to apply develop settings in bulk, tailored to each photo based upon the ISO sensitivity at which it was taken. This is a very useful part of an import workflow for those with high-ISO shots.

This plug-in enables you to quickly and easily set up professional slide shows in Lightroom, and then export them directly to ProShow Gold or Producer for further enhancements and output.

Photosafe allows you to specify, manually or with rule-based descriptions, photos that cannot be deleted from Lightroom, to protect against accidental deletion.

While Lightroom provides extensive and powerful image editing controls, you can use external editing plug-ins to gain access to additional tools and techniques or perform highly specialized editing tasks.

Simplify the process of creating blended high dynamic range and tone-mapped images from photographs in your Lightroom Library using the Lightroom Export Plug-in to Photomatix Pro.

Alien Skin Software makes a variety of tools compatible with Lightroom, including Exposure for film looks, Blow Up for resizing, Snap Art for natural media, and Bokeh for creative focus.

Lightroom Cc Timelapse

Adobe Lightroom Timelapse Plugin

Take creative control over your digital images to create stunning memories. The Topaz Lightroom plug-ins feature a set of easy-to-use tools for color and exposure, HDR effects, detail adjustments, noise reduction, digital art, masking and extraction, smoothing and texture control, sharpening, bokeh and much more.