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Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit.pdf (621 KB)
PDF version of my comprehensive, annotated, turn sequence reference guide.
Jan 10, 2017
Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit.docx (31 KB)
I attach a final full first draft of this annotated, comprehensive, turn sequence reference guide.
This version has been proofread, streamlined, and made even more user-friendly than the previous two. For example, with the exception of DR, DRM, and dr, I pretty much spell out EACH AND EVERY ASL abbreviation the first time it's used on a page.
I've done by best to lay the material out as logically as possible, and in the location where a player (particularly a new player, such as myself) would look for it. At times, I've repeated information if necessary to make it readily available where it might be expected.
The fact that I'm a newbie to ASL has, on balance, helped me put this together: it's given me the perspective of someone who doesn't know the game well and is, therefore, in desperate need of some robust player aid (more robust that what's currently available). The downside, of course, is my lack of expertise with the rules just yet. Nevertheless, I do know how to read, and how to wargame (may I use that as a verb?), and have already received some valuable feedback that I've incorporated into the document. So I'm fairly confident that the material set forth herein is accurate.
Again, I welcome feedback and corrections (especially). But for the time being, I'm done tweaking this document.
Jan 10, 2017
Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit.docx (28 KB)
This new version is a complete first draft (it covers support weapons whereas the previous version did not).
Jan 5, 2017
Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit.docx (25 KB)
This file is a first draft of a comprehensive, annotated turn sequence reference work for ASLSK#1. Although almost as long as the ASLSK#1 rules themselves (if not longer), this work attempts to summarize practically all the rules in a streamlined, checklist-style format. Although a wargaming veteran, I am admittedly new to ASL and would welcome any and all comments, corrections, and suggestions. I hope to upload a final version of this document after a few more plays of ASL with this draft by my side, and after receiving whatever feedback I received from the BGG community. Thank you in advance.
Jan 1, 2017