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Puyo Puyo 2 on the PC-98 was basically a bare-bones port of the original arcade game, but the FM synth soundtrack made it stand out. Puyo Puyo 2 is the best puzzle game on the system by a comfortable margin and holds up better than almost every other PC-98 game. Whats the best way to play Windows 98 games? I was thinking about using the VMware player or virtuabox to run a windows 98 image but I dont know if this will work well. Does anyone have any experience with that? The first games for Windows 3.1 weren't very popular; there were solitaire card games, puzzle games and little else. With the release of Windows 95, 98 and Windows XP, the Microsoft OS became central in the development of mainstream video games like Age of Empires and the Civilization series.


Hi r/emulation!

Best Windows 98 Games

Old Games For Windows 98

Wanted to get your guys's opinions on this, even though technically it may not be emulation. What is generally speaking, the best / easiest way to play some older PC games? I know DOSbox works for some, and obviously there is windows compatibility mode for others.

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One game in particular that I'm having issues with is Swarm Assault, an old RTS game by Mountain King Studios. Running Windows 10, no amount of compatibility settings gets it to play at a reasonable framerate. I'm currently playing through it using a Windows XP Virtual Machine and it's playable, but there's pretty frequent flickering of some of the sprites and seems to be no fix.

In general, what do you guys do? Setup a Windows 98 Virtual Machine and just load up games inside of that? Any compatibility hacks to run natively? Emulators?

Or, would it be better/easier to scour Craigslist postings and get an old rig for cheap, maybe throw in a high end video card for it's time and call it a day?

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