Cant Ping Windows 7

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May 30, 2009  Host: Windows 7 build 7100 ( Client: Debian ( Host and client is connected via cross-over cable. Host features a second network connection to a switch box. I can connect to Samba share on client, and ping too. SSH login on client is accessible also. But I can't ping host at from client. In Windows 7 we had to create a rule to enable ping reply, but Windows 8/8.1 got built-in rule which needs to be activated. Disabling the firewall entirely also will respond to ping requests, but it’s not the recommended way of doing concerning network and computer security. May 17, 2015  I need some help with this, I'm not able to ping or rdp into a Win 10 pc, the host lookup fails. I haven't changed any settings in the firewall etc, and this used to work just fine with 7/8/8.1.

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Can’t ping or remote desktop?

I've setup a win7 laptop and joined a company domain, I'm unable to ping or remote into the machine.

I've tried removing it from the domain and I still have the same problem...

Could someone provide me with some troubleshooting tips please?


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Can T Ping Windows 7

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You need to enable ICMP (or file sharing) and remote desktop from within the Windows 7 firewall. Also, since you are joining a domain, this may be controlled by group policy.

Can't Ping Windows 7 Pc

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