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Cygwin is free software to provide Linux and Unix environment, tools and libraries in Windows operating systems. Cygwin is also called an emulator because it translates Linux system calls into Windows type systems calls. Cygwin generally used to run Linux tools like ssh,scp,bash, X11,gcc in Windows environment. Cygwin support following operating systems

Cygwin is an open source project which provides the functionality of Linux distribution on the Windows platform. This tutorial will teach you how you can install Cygwin on Windows 10. Download Cygwin 32 or 64-bit version (according to your. Install Cygwin. Cygwin comes with a normal setup.exe to install in Windows, but there are a couple steps you will need to pay attention to, so we will walk you through the installation. To keep the installation small while saving bandwidth for you and Cygwin, the default installer will download only the files you need from the internet. Cygwin (64-bit) Windows 10 – Various tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux on Windows. Download Cygwin (64-bit) for Windows PC from 100% Safe and Secure Free Download 64-bit Latest Version 2019.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windos Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016

Download Installation Files

How to Install and Configure Cygwin in Windows Environment By Vamsi Krishna – Posted on Sep 28, 2014 Sep 25, 2014 in Linux, Windows If you are a Linux or Unix user, I am sure you will miss the terminal (and all the wonderful things you can do with command lines) in a Windows environment. Uninstalling Cygwin. Cygwin is quite a popular tool used by some more advanced users and the software was released way back in 1995. It allowed its users to run Linux and UNIX applications within a UNIX-like interface, making it easier for them to test them out on a Windows PC.

We will download installation files from Cygwin site. There is two type of installation files

32 bit – x86

32 bit installation file can be downloaded from following link.

64 bit – x86_64

64 bit installation file can be downloaded from following link.

We will start installation by clicking the downloaded files. To install we need Administrator privileges.

In this screen we see information about installation like version, architecture.

We have three option to get installation files.

  • Install from Internet will get files from repositories and install
  • Download Without Installing will only get files and do not install
  • Install from Local Directory will get files from local disk and start installation.

Installation Method

We need to choose the installation directory. Default path is good but we can change to the Program Files too. There is also an option to chose which users can use Cygwin.

We will chose where to save the downloaded Cygwin packages.

Download Directory

We will select the connection type. For regular network connections Direct Connection is enough but if we use proxy we should provide related parameters with the other options.

Select Internet Connection Type

We will choose the site for downloading packages. Prefer physically near sites for faster download.

Then the package and repository information will be updated from previously selected site.

Update Package Repository Information

Now we are here to select applications, tools, libraries, groups to install.

We can search package name with the Search box or select from the list directly. Packages are grouped according to their functionalities like Admin , Database , GNOME etc. We can select the whole group or single package from the group.

For simplicity we have searched ssh to installation. After search operation the dependencies are resolved and we will click Next

Cygwin Setup Windows 10

Install SSH


We install ssh by downloading dependencies packages. Also this is the first installation so the Cygwin will install base packages those are used by a lot of other applications, tools.

Cygwin For Windows 10


We will install ssh from Net group. We search and select package named openssh.

Cygwin install on windows 10 linux themes

After ssh installation is completed we can access to the ssh from Cygwin command line. Cygwin shortcut is created on the desktop. Open it by clicking. And type ssh like below.

Run Ssh With Cygwin

Cygwin Install On Windows 10 Linux Themes

Default shell is bash. We can check the current shell with the env command which will list environment related variables. We will search for SHELL line and variable like below.

Cygwin Install On Windows 10 Linux Shell

Run Bash With Cygwin