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Digimon Tamers Episode 2 English Sub. Digimon Tamers Episode 2 English Sub Online.Just click the play button and enjoy the show. If the video is not working feel free to report it via 'Report Broken Video' button below the video. Other versions such as dubbed, other languages, etc. Of Digimon Tamers Episode 2 will appear. Digimon Tamers takes place in a world where the popular Digimon franchise is all the rage, consisting of a cartoon, video games, and the trading card game. Takato Matsuda is a huge Digimon fan that's particularly obsessed with the card game, and constantly daydreams about the universe therein.

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Digimon Tamers (デジモンテイマーズ, Dejimon Teimāzu?) is the third animated series based on the Digimon franchise, first broadcast in 2001. The story takes place initially in the 'real world', a world much like ours where Digimon is just a franchise, composed of video games, a collectible card game, and a Cartoon series. The Tamers try to figure a way out and are suddenly rescued by Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, MarineAngemon and Lopmon and escape and the D-Reaper is fully sucked into the wormhole and devolves. The Tamers digimon suddenly change to their in-training forms and are forced to return to the Digital World. Watch Digimon Episodes Online, Stream Full Digimon episodes online, All of the Digimon movies and watch digimon online for free!

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Digimon Tamers Episode 2 English Sub

Digimon Tamers Episode 2 English Sub Online. Just click the play button and enjoy the show. If the video is not working feel free to report it via 'Report Broken Video' button below the video. Other versions such as dubbed, other languages, etc.. of Digimon Tamers Episode 2 will appear

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List of Digimon Tamers episodes
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes51
Original networkFuji TV
Original releaseApril 1, 2001 –
March 31, 2002
Season chronology
Digimon Frontier

The 51-episode anime series Digimon Tamers, produced by Toei Animation in 2001,[1] is the third series in the Digimon franchise. It does not follow the plot of the previous two series, Adventure and Adventure 02. Instead, the story is set in a version of the real world where Digimon are creatures in a collectible card game; however, several children discover that these supposedly fictional creatures exist in a parallel Digital World and are attempting to enter the real world. The series was directed by Yukio Kaizawa and written by Chiaki J. Konaka, featuring music composition by Takanori Arisawa and character designs by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.[2]Tamers aired in Japan on Fuji TV between April 1, 2001, and March 31, 2002.[1][3]In the United States, the series aired on Fox Kids from September 1, 2001 to June 8, 2002.[4] In Canada, the series broadcast on YTV in the same year. The series has also aired in Asia and Europe. Following the discontinuation of the Fox Kids programming block, it aired on ABC Family,[5]Toon Disney, and Disney XD.[6]

Kōji Wada's song 'The Biggest Dreamer' was used as the opening theme for the series.[3] Two ending themes by Ai Maeda (credited as AiM) were used for the series, 'My Tomorrow' and 'Days: Aijō to Nichijō' (Days −愛情と日常−, lit. 'Days: Love and Life').[2][3] The English opening sees a revamped version of the theme song from Digimon Adventure & Adventure 02 by Paul Gordon and it was the last one in the series to do so.

The third season of Digimon: Digital Monsters (aka Digimon Tamers) was licensed by Saban Entertainment in North America, and was distributed by BVS Entertainment and Buena Vista Television. The show initially aired on FOX Kids, before distribution rights were held by Disney (thru Buena Vista Television/BVIT and BVS Entertainment/International), later airing on Toon Disney and ABC Family Channel.

This is also the last season of Digimon: Digital Monsters to be dubbed by Saban Entertainment and to be aired on Fox Kids, when The Walt Disney Company acquired Fox Family Worldwide, which included FOX Family Channel (later renamed ABC Family), the 75.7% majority stake in Fox Kids Europe N.V. (later renamed Jetix Europe N.V.), also Saban Entertainment (later renamed BVS Entertainment) and Saban International, N.V. (later renamed BVS International, N.V.) in 2001.

Digimon Tamers Episode 2 Animeland

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Episode list[edit]

No.Fox Kids title (Original Japanese title translated to English)
Original Japanese title
Original air date [7]English air date
1'Guilmon Comes Alive' ('Guilmon is Born! The Digimon that I Created')
Transcription: 'Girumon Tanjō! Boku no Kangaeta Dejimon' (Japanese: ギルモン誕生!僕の考えたデジモン)
April 1, 2001September 1, 2001
Calumon is being attacked by a digimon and somehow appears in the real world. Meanwhile, a boy named Takato finds a mysterious blue card. His obsession with the Digimon game leads him to create a digimon, and when he finds a Digivice the Digivice copies his created digimon's data and creates a real digi-egg. He has a strange dream involving a Digimon Tamer (who is Rika), and his digi-egg hatches. He finds his created digimon, Guilmon, and fears getting attacked by him.
2'Digimon, Digimon Everywhere' ('You're my Friend! Introducing Terriermon')
Transcription: 'Kimi wa Boku no Tomodachi Teriamon Tōjō!' (Japanese: 君はぼくのともだち テリアモン登場!)
April 8, 2001September 1, 2001
Takato secretly sneaks Guilmon into his house and, in the meantime, Rika, a digimon tamer, and her digimon, Renamon, easily defeat a Goblimon. Takato leaves Guilmon alone while he goes to school, but Guilmon follows him and causes chaos in the school. Takato meets Henry and his digimon Terriermon and thinks he isn't worthy of having Guilmon. While looking for a place for Guilmon to stay, Takato and Guilmon are attacked by Renamon and Rika.
3'To Fight or Not to Fight' ('Renamon VS Guilmon! Battle is a Digimon's Life')
Transcription: 'Renamon Tai Girumon! Tatakai Koso ga Dejimon no Inochi' (Japanese: レナモン対ギルモン!戦いこそがデジモンの命)
April 15, 2001September 8, 2001
Henry and Terriermon stop the fight between Guilmon and Renamon, and Takato finds a perfect hiding place for Guilmon while he’s away. Guilmon and Renamon resume their fight, and Terriermon gets in the way of an attack. He digivolves into Gargomon but can’t control his powers and almost hurts Rika but she is saved by Guilmon.
4'It Came from the Other Side' ('A Tamer's Trial! Defeat Gorillamon!')
Transcription: 'Teimā no Shiren! Gorimon o Taose!' (Japanese: テイマーの試練!ゴリモンを倒せ!)
April 22, 2001September 8, 2001
Gargomon manages to de-digivolve to Terriermon and Henry is left thinking about destroying real living digimon after talking to Rika. He remembers when he first got his digivice. The next day they engage in a battle with Gorillamon, a digimon from Henry's nightmare. Henry refuses to let Terriermon digivolve and he and Guilmon must face the more powerful Digimon without it. Finally, using a Card that ties Gorillamon up, Guilmon and Terriermon defeat him, but he rises again and Terriermon destroys him by firing into his cannon as he charges it, though Henry doesn't let him absorb Gorillamon's data.
5'Dream a Little Dream' ('Rollin'-rollin'! Let's Play with Calumon!')
Transcription: 'Kurukkurūn! Kurumon to Asobo!' (Japanese: くるっくるーん!クルモンと遊ぼ!)
April 29, 2001September 15, 2001
Calumon watches kids in Takato’s school play soccer and wishes to be a really good soccer player. He convinces Guilmon to come out of his hiding place and play with him. While they’re in the school, a digital field appears and a Vilemon attacks them. Rika and Renamon save them and Rika still thinks digimon are just data and for fighting.
6'O Partner, Where Art Thou?' ('The Meaning of Partners, Renamon Evolves')
Transcription: 'Pātonā no Imi, Renamon Shinka!' (Japanese: パートナーの意味 レナモン進化!)
May 6, 2001September 15, 2001
Rika is disappointed with her mother and with Renamon for not being able to digivolve while fighting Allomon and instead getting help from Guilmon and Terriermon. Renamon goes by herself and meets Impmon, who tells her she doesn’t need a human to make her stronger. When a Dokugumon appears and Renamon is badly hurt. Rika cares for her and she digivolves to Kyubimon and easily defeats Dokugumon with one hit. Kyubimon explains that what finally caused her to digivolve was Rika caring for her.
7'Now You See It, Now You Don't' ('Crisis for Guilmon! The Adventure in my Town')
Transcription: 'Girumon ga Abunai! Boku no Machi no Bōken' (Japanese: ギルモンが危ない! ぼくの町の冒険)
May 13, 2001September 22, 2001
Guilmon vanishes due to an experiment. Worried about their digimon Henry and Rika join Takato in the quest of rescuing Guilmon without the help of Terriermon or Renamon. The three find and rescue Guilmon and the warp he was trapped in is destroyed by Hypnos as they escape.
8'A Question of Trust' ('Guilmon Evolves! Decisive Battle in West Shinjuku')
Transcription: 'Girumon Shinka! Nishi Shinjuku Daikessen' (Japanese: ギルモン進化!西新宿大決戦)
May 20, 2001September 22, 2001
Impmon is scaring couples at night in the park, but Takato suspects Guilmon of causing this trouble. Impmon takes Guilmon out and when Takato finds him missing he suspects more of him. When Guilmon comes back, not knowing what's happening, he says he scared a couple and Takato gets really mad at him. Later, Devidramon appears and fights Guilmon and Renamon refuses to join as its Guilmon's fight, not hers. Takato forgives Guilmon after finding out about Impmon, and Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon and destroys Devidramon.
9'Not as Seen on TV' ('Revert to Guilmon! The Growmon Incident')
Transcription: 'Girumon ni Modotte! Guraumon Sōdō' (Japanese: ギルモンに戻って!グラウモン騒動)
May 27, 2001September 29, 2001
After the battle with Devidramon, Takato tries to make Growlmon de-digivolve into Guilmon, but all to no avail. When it begins to rain, Takato despairs of ever getting his old friend back. However, when the rain ends, Growlmon de-digivolves into Guilmon while watching the rainbow.
10'The Icemon Cometh' ('Renamon is my Friend! Ruki's Hesitation')
Transcription: 'Renamon wa Tomodachi! Ruki no Mayoi' (Japanese: レナモンは友達!留姫の迷い)
June 3, 2001September 29, 2001
Rika is being followed by a mysterious icy force, which frightens her. Not wanting to admit it, she refuses help when Renamon offers to protect her. Renamon is dismissed, and feels hurt by what Rika said to her. While Rika is vulnerable without Renamon's protection, IceDevimon then appears and captures the girl, taking her into an alternate dimension, an icy tomb where he has sealed his Digimon victims. The fallen angel Digimon offers Rika to be his tamer, but she refuses. Renamon comes to Rika's rescue and digivolves to Kyubimon but fails to stop him. Guilmon and Terriermon attempt to help Renamon and Rika, but are trapped by IceDevimon's freezing ice powers. Finally, Henry manages to free them, and Guilmon takes over the battle. Using extra speed and wings, Guilmon traps IceDevimon's head in the ceiling and destroys him, absorbing his data. However, the traumatizing fear caused by the fight causes Rika to claim she hates all Digimon, and she and Kyubimon go their separate ways.
11'Much Ado About Musyamon' ('Shinjuku Railroad Bridge...Duel for a Minute and a Half!')
Transcription: 'Shinjuku Dai Gādo Ippun-Sanjūbyou no Taiketsu!' (Japanese: 新宿大ガード 1分30秒の対決!)
June 10, 2001October 6, 2001
A Musyamon attacks Henry and Takato jumps to the rescue. But Guilmon isn't able to win this battle alone, so Henry has to fight with his own thoughts on the subject of Terriermon Digivolving since last time he couldn't handle the power of Gargomon. When a little girl gets into trouble, Henry acts and Terriermon digivolves to Gargomon. This time Gargomon can control himself and destroys Musyamon. Henry comes to realize that there's just some fights you can't avoid.
12'Divided They Stand' ('Ruki and Renamon, The Crisis of the Bond!')
Transcription: 'Ruki to Renamon Kizuna no Kiki!' (Japanese: 留姫とレナモン きずなの危機!)
June 17, 2001October 6, 2001
Rika and Renamon struggle as they contemplate whether or not they need each other to become powerful. Renamon is attacked by a swarm of hostile Flybeemon, but she defeats her enemies and then considers what Impmon told her about becoming powerful without the aid of a human tamer. Later, she is attacked by Harpymon, and finds herself rendered powerless. Renamon is about to be destroyed, when Rika appears and desperately stabs Harypymon with a tree branch to stop her from harming Renamon, allowing Renamon to escape destruction and digivolve into Kyubimon just in time. Kyubimon easily destroys Harpymon but doesn't absorb her data, as she realizes that Rika's friendship as her tamer is truly what she needs to become powerful. Afterwards, Kyubimon and Rika make amends.
13'Juggernaut' ('The Order to Capture the Digimon! The Sinister Foreboding')
Transcription: 'Dejimon Hokaku Shirei! Wazawai no Yokan' (Japanese: デジモン捕獲指令!災いの予感)
June 24, 2001October 13, 2001
Takato and Guilmon are about to defeat a digimon when Yamaki comes and captures it. Back at Hypnos, they scan the data of the digimon, destroying it and now knowing what Digimon are made of. Armed with this new knowledge, Yamaki prepares to launch the dangerous Juggernaut program to exterminate all the world's Digimon.
14'Grow Mon Grow' ('Stand up, Tamers! MegaloGrowmon Super Evolution!')
Transcription: 'Teimā yo Tate! Megaroguraumon Chō-Shinka' (Japanese: テイマーよ立て!メガログラウモン超進化)
July 1, 2001October 20, 2001
As a strange tiger ultimate level Digimon attacks the tamers begin to fight it. However, when it's too strong for both Rika and Henry, Takato uses the power of the blue card to Digivolve Growlmon into his Ultimate form: WarGrowlmon after a mental conversation with Growlmon where Growlmon informs him he is a worthy to be a Tamer after he doubts himself. WarGrowlmon easily beats and destroys the tiger, Mihiramon. Also, Kazu, Kenta and Jeri witness the battle and are impressed by Takato.
15'Snakes, Trains, and Digimon' ('Giant Snake Appearance! Ōedo Line Great Panic')
Transcription: 'Kyodai Hebi Shutsugen! Ōedo-Sen Dai-Panikku' (Japanese: 巨大ヘビ出現!大江戸線大パニック)
July 8, 2001October 27, 2001
Takato is depressed after Henry and Rika have previous commitments and can't go Digimon patrolling, but he feels better when he goes with Guilmon to play with his school friends. But soon the snake deva Digimon attacks, leaving Rika and Henry to fight it on their own, until Impmon helps out and tells Takato they need him. Guilmon and Takato join the battle and Guilmon digivolves to Growlmon. After a short battle, Growlmon mortally wounds Sandiramon with an extra powerful Pyro Blaster, but Sandiramon warns that there's ten more Devas that will be coming before succumbing to his wounds and dying.
16'Back to Nature, Back to Battle' ('Protect the Light of the Town! Dangerous Camp of the Digimon')
Transcription: 'Machi no Akari o Mamore! Dejimon-tachi no Kiken na Kyampu' (Japanese: 街の灯を守れ!デジモンたちの危険なキャンプ)
July 15, 2001November 3, 2001
During a school camping trip Takato, Henry, Guilmon, Terriermon and Calumon have a fun time relaxing. Even Impmon joins in and has fun. Soon, a series of black outs cause the gang to get suspicious. It turns out a Rooster Deva Sinduramon is absorbing electricity and using it for power. The Sinduramon heads for the dam for more power but proves no match for Gargomon and Growlmon and is destroyed by Growlmon who blasts him into the water causing his own electricity to shock him to death.
17'Duel with the Deva' ('Chase the Blue Card! The Rapidmon Moment')
Transcription: 'Burū-Kādo o Oe! Rapiddomon Denkōsekka' (Japanese: ブルーカードを追え! ラピッドモン電光石火)
July 29, 2001November 3, 2001
Henry was given a worthless card by Kenta's friend Jeramie, but then the card turns into a Blue card when Henry tries to swipe it. When Henry's dad gets home Henry asks if he could check the blue card. While Henry's dad checked it out he notices his old friend Shibumi's code. After Henry, Takato, and Rika go find Jeramie, he tells them that he found the card after bumping into a mysterious man by an electronics store. When Takato and Henry get ready to find the man who bumped into Jeramie, Henry's dad sees them with Terriermon in the park so the kids run away. While Takato, Henry and Rika wait for the mysterious man, they find an Ox and Sheep Deva, Vajramon and Pajiramon. During the battle between Gargomon, Renamon, and the Deva digimons Gargomon Digivolves into Rapidmon to win the battle. Rapidmon destroys Pajiramon the Sheep Deva, but Vajramon, the Ox Deva, secretly reforms himself later and has Renamon come with him to meet with his boss. At the end, Henry's father finds out about Terriermon.
18'Digital Beauty' ('Beautiful Evolution! Taomon Dances in the Moonlight')
Transcription: 'Utsukushiki Shinka! Gekkō ni Mau Taomon' (Japanese: 美しき進化! 月光に舞うタオモン)
August 5, 2001November 10, 2001
Rika is having a hard time with her mother, who makes Rika attend a photo session with her. Meanwhile, Renamon has been acting distant and it turns out that she has been meeting with Vajramon, who apparently survived the Tamers' previous battle with them. When Renamon reveals that she has been using Vajramon only to obtain information, the Deva becomes outraged and the Tamers fight him in a second battle. The Tamers prove no match for him until Kyuubimon digivolves to Taomon and destroys Vajramon.
19'Impmon's Last Stand' ('I Would Like to Become Strong! Rise, Impmon!')
Transcription: 'Tsuyoku Naritai! Haiagare Inpumon' (Japanese: 強くなりたい! 這い上がれインプモン)
August 12, 2001November 10, 2001
Impmon says he hates humans to cover up his own insecurities. While the Tamers are battling the next Deva, Indramon, Impmon decides to battle this Deva all by himself. He fails and is nearly killed. Meanwhile Takato questions on whether or not Calumon is the key to the Tamers digimon's evolution.
20'Out of the Blue' ('The Last Resort is This! Blue Card of Friendship')
Transcription: 'Kirifuda wa Kore da! Yūjō no Burū Kādo' (Japanese: 切り札はこれだ!友情のブルーカード)
August 19, 2001November 17, 2001
Impmon is defeated by Indramon; Indramon then seems to self destruct willingly. Mr. Wong is introduced to the Juggernaut program and is asked to help destroy the Digimon. Indramon rematerializes, and the Tamers commence battle. The Tamers prove no match for Indramon and he isn't even scratched by theirs or the military's attacks. In a desperate move, Takato tries the Blue Card his friend Kazu made for him and Growlmon digivolves to WarGrowlmon again. WarGrowlmon easily destroys Indramon leaving Kazu very pleased with himself.
21'Jeri's Quest' ('Juri's Partner!? My Mr. Leomon')
Transcription: 'Juri no Pātonā!? Watashi no Reomon-sama' (Japanese: 樹莉のパートナー !? 私のレオモン様)
August 26, 2001November 17, 2001
Jeri and her friends go to find Takato, as they hide and discuss how they would be great tamers Jeri drops an impressive collection of digimon cards on the ground. Jeri meets up with Calumon decides she really could be a Tamer and Calumon should be her partner. Calumon is obviously surprised by Jeri's daydream and while reacting to it the Rat Deva Kumbhiramon bioemerges from the ground. They are saved from the Deva by Leomon and Jeri falls in love with the lone warrior. Leomon is weirded out by her plea to be partners and runs away and hides. Takato meets up with Leomon and Leomon confesses he knows nothing about Tamers or partners. Jeri returns and Leomon runs away again. As Jeri is chasing him Takato calls Henry and Rika who come to the park. Kumbhiramon shows up again and Leomon and Gargomon fight him. Jeri tries to use Digimon Cards on him through Takato's Digivice but fails and becomes depressed. Leomon is angered by this and after Gargomon weakens the Deva, he destroys him. Leomon leaves before his sympathy for Jeri can make him stay.
22'The Boar Wars' ('Vikaramon Appears! Protect Our Town!')
Transcription: 'Vikarāramon Tōjō Boku-tachi no Machi o Mamore!' (Japanese: ヴィカラーラモン登場 僕たちの街を守れ!)
September 2, 2001November 24, 2001
A string of earthquakes are disturbing the city. The friends meet at Guilmon's hideout and while Rika helps Jeri learn about digicards Henry shows everyone that the devas are patterned after the Chinese horoscope animals. A weird boy who has been secretly watching Calumon comes into the open and the kids run after him. When the Pig Deva – Vikarylamon appears Yamaki freaks out again and initiates the Juggernaut program despite Henry's dad protesting that it will hurt the children's good digimon. The partners track the Pig Deva down but even after digivolving to Growlmon, Gargomon, and Kyubimon they are unable to affect the deva at all. Wishing for help, the tamers find that if they wish to protect others they can matrix digivolve.
23'A World Apart' ('Digimon Total Sortie! Advancing while Facing the Wind')
Transcription: 'Dejimon Soushutsugeki! Kaze ni Mukatte Susume' (Japanese: デジモン総出撃!風に向かって進め)
September 9, 2001December 1, 2001
The pig deva keeps ploughing through the city and it has to be evacuated. Takato's parents are very concerned because they can't find him but have to evacuate as well. The tamers find themselves outmatched even at matrix level. Henry suggests that he and Rika try believing in themselves and they use Radiant Faith Activate cards. Rapidmon and Taomon knock the Pig Deva down but before they can finish the job the Juggernaut program starts affecting all of them. Henry's dad decides he's had enough and uses his Tai Chi to take down two guards and reach his son. An encrypted code starts attacking the Juggernaut program and as it does the strange child who the kids keep running into reveals himself to be the Monkey Deva and that Calumon is the key to digivolving. At the same time a shining light finds Impmon in the underground tunnel where he's been sulking and offers Impmon power and knowledge to digivolve. The Monkey Deva throws a ball into the Juggernaut tunnel and destroys the program. The pig deva recovers as do Rapidmon and Taomon. Henry's dad and friends reach Takato and the others and tell them about the monkey deva. Takato decides to not be afraid anymore and shows Rika and Henry that if they fight alongside their partners then they can be even stronger. Takato's determination causes WarGrowlmon to gain more strength and after the others deal with Vikarlamon's attacks, WarGrowlmon destroys him with a point-blank Atomic Blaster. Unfortunately, right after, the Monkey Deva, Makuramon, kidnaps Calumon and declares he is taking him back to the Digital World. Leomon tries to save Calumon but is forced back by some shining needles; Jeri receives a Digivice and heals Leomon who is now her partner. In the wake of Vikarlamon's destruction, the Tamers desperately search for a way to enter the Digital World to save Calumon. Hypnos is also destroyed when Makuramon overloads Juggernaught.
24'The Journey Begins' ('To the Digital World… The Day of Departure')
Transcription: 'Dejitaru Wārudo e… Tabidachi no Hi' (Japanese: デジタルワールドへ…旅立ちの日)
September 16, 2001December 8, 2001
Guilmon finds a portal to the digital world in his shed and the kids decide to tell their parents various things: Takato introduces Guilmon to his parents and although his mother freaks out, his father shows a lot of faith in him and convinces his mother which touches him, Henry tells Suzie the truth about Terriermon and leaves his father an e-mail, Rika's grandmother accidentally finds out about Renamaon but takes it well and promises to help cover for Rika. Rika wears a dress for her mother (something she hates to do) in order to give her mother a moment of happiness before she leaves which touches her mother. Jeri gets Leomon to speak to her father about the whole thing and Kazu and Kenta decide to join them in order to find their own Digimon partners. The kids, after getting detention, write essays for Ms. Asaji about what they're doing believing she won't read them for a while, but she reads them right away and confronts them. The kids convince her to leave them to do what they have to do, but she is incredibly worried about them. The next day as they prepare to leave, the group is confronted by Yamaki, but instead of trying to stop them he gives them a comlink to stay in touch as he is now on their side. Afterwards the group heads through the portal to the Digital World.
25'Brave New Digital World' ('Enter the Digital World! Goodbye to Our City')
Transcription: 'Dejitaru Wārudo Totsunyū! Saraba Boku-tachi no Machi' (Japanese: デジタルワールド突入!さらば僕たちの街)
September 23, 2001December 15, 2001
Once the gang enters the digital world Rika spots 'satellite' hoping Calamon would be there so they walk along trying to find Calumon but it turns out that the satellite Rika saw were Rock. Just then Meramon attacks and the gang gets separated into two groups: Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon, Jeri and Leomon in one group and Rika, Renamon, Kazu and Kenta in the other. Meanwhile, Calumon and Makuramon also get separated.
26'Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure' ('Little World! Jijimon and Babamon in the Strong Wind Valley')
Transcription: 'Shōsekai! Kaze no Tsuyoi Tani no Jijimon Babamon' (Japanese: 小世界! 風の強い谷のジジモン・ババモン)
September 30, 2001February 9, 2002
Kazu and Kenta stray into the house of a Jijimon and a Babamon along with Rika and Renamon and they dream of becoming Tamers.
27'Motorcycle Madness' ('Impmon Evolves! The Shudder of Beelzebumon the Dark Lord')
Transcription: 'Inpumon Shinka! Maō Beruzebumon no Senritsu' (Japanese: インプモン進化! 魔王ベルゼブモンの戦慄)
October 7, 2001February 9, 2002
Takato and the others end up at a Chuchidarumon village while being attacked by a motorcycle with no rider. During this time, Impmon, now in the digital world as well, meets a Deva who says can help him digivolve. It turns out the motorcycle named Behemoth is possessing a Metalkoromon. Guilmon manages to push it off but in the act gets possessed. In the end Behemoth falls into a pool of lava but emerges once again with the newly evolved Beelzemon as its rider.
28'Blame it on Ryo' ('Friend or Foe!? The Legendary Tamer, Ryo Akiyama')
Transcription: 'Teki ka, Mikata ka!? Densetsu no Teimā Akiyama Ryō' (Japanese: 敵か味方か!? 伝説のテイマー秋山リョウ)
October 14, 2001February 16, 2002
The second group falls into a strange dimension full of clocks. After being attacked by a Megadramon, the group meets Ryo, the legendary tamer who once beat Rika in a tournament.
29'Goliath' ('Here is the Ghost Castle! The Great Escape of Stray Culumon')
Transcription: 'Koko wa Yūrei no Shiro! Mayoeru Kurumon Daidasshutsu' (Japanese: ここは幽霊の城! 迷えるクルモン大脱出)
October 21, 2001February 16, 2002
Everyone meets and Ryo is introduced to the other group. Meanwhile Rika, hurt and angry, goes elsewhere with Renamon following along. The group eventually gets an idea of where Calumon might be but runs into Makuramon and the dragon deva, Majiramon. Cyberdramon destroys Majiramon and Ryo then leaves the group.
30'The Imperfect Storm' ('Urgent Message from the Digital World, Culumon is...')
Transcription: 'Dejitaru Wārudo kara Kinkyū Renraku, Kurumon ga…' (Japanese: デジタルワールドから緊急連絡 クルモンが…)
October 28, 2001February 23, 2002
The group returns to the desert to try to find Rika. Rika nearly drowns but is unexpectedly saved by Calumon. A flood pushes them and Renamon to the desert and Calumon digivolves Renamon to Kyubimon to save them. They reunite with the others, but before they can return home, they get confronted by Beelzemon who Kyuubimon realizes is the Digivolved Impmon. Kyubimon digivolves to Taomon to face him, but unfortunately the Dog Deva, Chatsuramon, shows up and recaptures Calumon. Unfortunately, while Yamaki is on leave, the government starts up the Juggernaut, causing sudden night and storms in the Digital World. Thanks to Chatsuramon's attack, Henry, Takato and Terriermon get sucked into a data stream while the others are protected by a shield from Taomon and Beelzemon runs off. At Hypnos as the Juggernaut gets out of control, one of the agents calls Yamaki and Riley and they manage to shut it down.
31'Kazu's Upgrade' ('Friendship with Guardromon! 'I'll fight too!', Tamer Hirokazu')
Transcription: 'Gādoromon to no Yūjō! Boku mo Tatakau Teimā Hirokazu' (Japanese: ガードロモンとの友情! 僕も戦うテイマーヒロカズ)
November 4, 2001February 23, 2002
The group meets an Andromon who is trying to defeat an Orochimon in order to free his Gekomon slaves. Andromon after losing too much energy de-digivolves to Guardromon and Orochimon kidnaps Jeri to have her serve milkshakes to him forever. Kazu befriends Guardromon and saves him by having the Gekomon use milkshakes to heal him and the two come up with a rescue plan. The group manages to reach Orochimon without trouble, but he's too strong for Guilmon, Renamon, Leomon and Guardromon. Thanks to some encouragement from Rika, Jeri does her first ever Digi-Modify and as a result Leomon is able to destroy Orochimon. Thanks to his new friendship with Guardromon, Kazu becomes a Tamer with Guardromon as his Digimon partner, shocking everyone.
32'Shibumi Speaks' ('The Mystery of Guilmon's Birth! The Mystic Water Space')
Transcription: 'Girumon Tanjō no Nazo! Shinpi Naru Uōtā Supēsu' (Japanese: ギルモン誕生の謎! 神秘なる水の宇宙)
November 11, 2001March 2, 2002
Takato, Henry, and Terriermon are told the secret of Guilmon's birth.
33'Rabbit Transit' ('Where is Terriermon? Shiuchon goes to the Digital World!')
Transcription: 'Teriamon wa Doko! Shiuchon Dejitaru Wārudo e' (Japanese: テリアモンはどこ ! 小春デジタルワールドへ)
November 18, 2001March 2, 2002
Henry's younger sister, Suzie Wong, arrives in the Digital World and quickly meets Antylamon, the rabbit deva Digimon. As the two become friends Henry, Takato and Terriermon track her down. Makarumon attacks Suzie, but Antylamon fights him off to protect her new friend as Henry, Takato and Terriermon finally arrive. As a result of their new friendship, Suzie becomes Antylamon's Tamer which shocks the others as Suzie is now the Tamer to a Deva. As punishment for her actions, the Digimon Sovereign de-digivolves her back into Lopmon, her Rookie form.
34'Lionheart' ('The Kind-Hearted Hero, Leomon Dies')
Transcription: 'Kokoro Yasashiki Yūsha Reomon Shisu!' (Japanese: 心優しき勇者 レオモン死す!)
November 25, 2001March 9, 2002
As the gang meet up again they are quickly attacked by Beelzemon. However after Beelzemon kills Leomon, Takato, fueled by rage, forces Guilmon to Digivolve to his Mega Form – but it goes horribly wrong and Takato's D-3 Explodes, transforming Guilmon into the terrifying Megidramon.
35'Give a Little Bit' ('The Name is Dukemon! The True Ultimate Evolution')
Transcription: 'Sono Na wa Dyūkumon! Shin Naru Kyūkyoku Shinka' (Japanese: その名はデュークモン!真なる究極進化)
December 2, 2001March 9, 2002
With the unfortunate help of Dark Digivolution, Guilmon digivolves into Megidramon. Megidramon battles Beelzemon and almost has him killed by consuming the demon, but Makuramon comes to confront Beelzemon on how useless his digivolution was. Beelzemon kills Makuramon and breaks free. He kicks Megidramon at his weak point, the chest, defeating him. Megidramon dedigivolves back to Guilmon. Takato goes through deep sorrow and reaffirms his friendship with his Digimon. After making a wish that he could fight, Takato and Guilmon Biomerge to become Gallantmon.
36'The Battle Within' ('Final Fight! Dukemon vs. Beelzebumon')
Transcription: 'Kessen! Dyūkumon Tai Beruzebumon' (Japanese: 決戦!デュークモン対ベルゼブモン)
December 9, 2001March 16, 2002
Gallantmon faces Beelzemon in a tough one-on-one battle. During the battle, Gallantmon destroys Behemoth and rescues Kazu and Kenta which causes them to realize that Takato has merged with Guilmon. Meanwhile, the Sovereign sends his last Deva Chatsuramon to destroy Lopmon for being a traitor. Chatsuramon goes to kill Suzie and Lopmon, but Terriermon takes the hit, saving them and mortally injuring him. Before Chatsuramon can do more, Gallantmon destroys him, taking out the last Deva, but Beelzemon absorbs his data which makes him stronger. Beelzemon beats down Gallantmon and is about to kill him, but Guardromon and Kazu intervene and buy Gallantmon enough time to recover. Beelzemon's attacks do no damage to him after that and he runs out of ammo. Once that's done, Gallantmon blasts Beelzemon with his Shield of the Just, finally defeating him. Gallantmon goes to kill him, but Jeri stops him as it won't bring Leomon back, and orders Takato to spare Beelzemon’s life. Beelzemon remembers his own Tamers and leaves, regretting his actions while Takato gains a new D3 Digivice.
37'No Mon is an Island' ('Showdown with Zhuqiaomon! SaintGalgomon, Ultimate Evolution')
Transcription: 'Taiketsu Sūtsēmon! Sentogarugomon Kyūkyoku Shinka' (Japanese: 対決スーツェーモン ! セントガルゴモン究極進化)
December 16, 2001March 16, 2002
The crew meet Zhuqiaomon the Digimon Sovereign. WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon and Taomon face him but are no match for him and Rapidmon's injuries from Chatsuramon leave him weakened and he is indicated to be slowly deleting throughout the episode as he flickers several times. Lopmon tries to help convince Zhuqiaomon to stop but fails and is nearly destroyed by him but WarGrowlmon protects her. Her cries summon Suzie (who was supposed to be watched by Guardromon but he misunderstood Kazu's orders). Rapidmon is defeated and reverts to a severely weakened Terriermon. Henry's determination causes him and Terriermon to BioMerge to MegaGargomon which heals Terriermon's injuries. MegaGargomon defeats and apparently destroys Zhuqiaomon along with his castle and everyone celebrates outside. Unfortunately, Zhuqiamon is revealed to have survived and comes back for revenge.
38'Azulongmon Explains It All' ('True Enemy Gets to Move! The Battle of the Four Holy Beasts')
Transcription: 'Ugoki-dashita Shin no Teki! Shiseijū no Tatakai' (Japanese: 動き出した真の敵 ! 四聖獣の戦い)
December 23, 2001March 23, 2002
After the De-Digivolution of MegaGargomon the tamers came to know that Zhuqiaomon is still alive and still wants to fight. Zhuqiaomon tries to convince Lopmon to turn to his side. When Lopmon refuses to do so, he attacks the tamers. Taomon protects them until Zhuqiaomon is stopped by another Sovereign, Azulongmon. Zhuqiaomon battles him and Guilmon and Terriermon join in to no effect and are nearly destroyed. Takato jumps out of Taomon's shield to help and Guilmon and Takato Digivolve to Gallantmon to fight. Azulongmon lets the battle go on a bit to make a point of how strong Bio-Merged warriors are but ultimately stops the battle and manages to convince Zhuqaiomon that this fight is useless and they should all fight against the real enemy: D-Reaper.
39'Song of Sakuyamon' ('Whirling Ultimate Flower! Sakuyamon Evolves')
Transcription: 'Maichiru Kyūkyoku no Hana! Sakuyamon Shinka' (Japanese: 舞い散る究極の花!サクヤモン進化)
December 30, 2001March 30, 2002
Sakuyamon was formed when Rika bio-merged with Renamon while they took a leap of faith to save Calumon from the D-Reaper. Rika fell back into Renamon and there was a blinding flash of blue light. The two Bio-Merge into Sakuyamon and drive back the chaos, rescuing Calumon, but the D-Reaper quickly recovers.
40'Janyu's Ark' (Evolutionary Radiance: Shining Evolution')
Transcription: 'Shinka no Kagayaki, Shainingu Eboryūshon' (Japanese: 進化の輝き シャイニング・エボリューション)
January 6, 2002April 6, 2002
Calumon helps every digimon in the digital world to Digivolve to Mega so that they could fight their real enemy the D-Reaper. Meanwhile, Kenta meets a MarineAngemon who grows attached to him, but he sends to battle. Azulongmon sends the Tamers to the desert world to return home and while Zhuqiamon is still disgusted by the Tamers Digimons choice, he decides to respect that and allow them to go with the Tamers.
41'Homeward Bound' ('The Return to the Real World!')
Transcription: 'Kikan Riaru Wārudo e!' (Japanese: 帰還 リアルワールドへ!)
January 13, 2002April 13, 2002
Yamaki was in contact with the tamers so when he came to know that tamers wanted to come back he called the team who at first made the digimons and asked them to build a transportation type digimon that can take the kids out of there. They called it the Arc. It was not a complete digimon but was made from the core of a digimon. Rika with Renamon went to save Impmon on the behalf of Renamon the timing of Arc was fixed so Ryo and Cyberdramon went to get Rika and Renamon. On the other hand Arc left on its time and Guilmon asked the Arc to stop as his Tamer and other friends were not there yet. They all reached there at time as the Arc has stopped but due to this reason Arc lost its way to the real world Takato talks to Arc and request it to take them to real world Arc under stands and reply him by his communication device and take them to the real world. On the way, Kenta's Digimon friend MarineAngemon pops out of his pocket (its indicated the Digi-Nomes put him there) along with a Digivice. MarineAngemon is now an amazed Kenta's partner. Jeri was acting strange but every one thought it as she is sad. Impmon was ashamed for what he had done to Leomon; he fainted when he was rescued.
42'Reunion' ('The City Attacked by the D-Reaper, The Tamer's Resolve')
Transcription: 'De Rīpā ni Osowareta Machi Teimā no Ketsui' (Japanese: デ・リーパーに襲われた街 テイマー決意)
January 20, 2002April 20, 2002
The Tamers returned to the real world. Takato finds out that Jeri’s parents are not coming to get her. He takes the responsibility to return her to her home. On the way to her home, Jeri keeps on acting weird. Takato tries to admit his real feelings for her, but she doesn't even respond to that. Takato left Jeri to her parents and Calumon went with her. Jeri’s father was very angry with her. On the way back Takato heard the news about the D-Reaper which was sighted in the real world. Takato, Henry and Rika decide to return to stop it and sneak off to do so, meeting up in a tunnel that leads to Shinjuku Park.
43'Beelzemon's Big Day' ('Connected Hearts, Beelzebumon's Resurrection')
Transcription: 'Tsunagaru Kokoro, Fukkatsu no Beruzebumon' (Japanese: つながる心 復活のベルゼブモン)
January 27, 2002April 27, 2002
Takato, Rika and Henry reunited to fight against the D-Reaper but they failed to defeat it as they realized that they can not Biomerge to Mega form in this world as they are not data in this world. Impmon meets his friends Ai and Mako. They treated him nicely. When Impmon saw the Tamers on TV fighting the D-Reaper, he decides to help them even though he's not sure he can Digivolve again. Ai gives him a kiss and Mako gives him a toy gun and he heads off to help. Impmon's determination to help causes him to digivolve to Beelzemon again, and Mako's toy gun causes him to digivolve further into Beelzemon Blast Mode with the toy gun as his new weapon. Beelzemon turns the tide of the battle, weakening the D-Reaper's Agent allowing WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon and Taomon to destroy it. Afterwards the Tamers and their Digimon joke around with Beelzemon who is at first annoyed, but joins in when he figures out they're just joking around. Takato sees Jeri mysteriously nearby.
44'The Messenger' ('The Mysterious Girl! Bringer of Miracles, Dobermon')
Transcription: 'Nazo no Shōjo! Kiseki o Hakobu Dōberumon' (Japanese: 謎の少女!奇跡を運ぶドーベルモン)
February 3, 2002May 4, 2002
A mysterious girl arrives with a Digimon Dobermon. They were sent by Azulongmon to make the Tamers able to Biomerge to Mega level. They came to know that Dobermon is a gift and he sacrifices him to make them Biomerge digivolve. They were told that the major part of D-Reaper is in the real world and it's up to them to stop this.
45'The D-Reaper's Disguise' ('Stand Up to the D-Reaper, Charge into the Zone!')
Transcription: 'De Rīpā ni Tachimukae Zōn Totsunyū!' (Japanese: デ•リーパーに立ち向かえ ゾーン突入!)
February 17, 2002May 11, 2002
During the fight, Gallantmon fell into the D-Reaper and de-Digivolved. Here he met Jeri, but in actual she was a part of D-Reaper. She changed into a D-Reaper digimon called the Agent. Lopmon requested Suzie to help her digivolve so that she could help her friends she digivolves to Antylamon. Calumon senses Jeri in trouble and enlists Impmon's help to rescue her. Impmon, still feeling guilty about killing Leomon, joins him. Calumon knew that Jeri is inside the Kernel Sphere. The Kernel Sphere was the power core of the D-Reaper.
46'When is a Mon Justimon?' ('The Invigorating Ultimate Warrior, Justimon Appears!')
Transcription: 'Sawayaka na Kyūkyoku Senshi Jasutimon Kenzan!' (Japanese: 爽やかな究極戦士 ジャスティモン見参!)
February 24, 2002May 11, 2002
Ryo and Cyberdromon Biomerge digivolved to Justimon to help them. While MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon go to rescue Takato and Guilmon, Justimon and Guardromon battle another D-Reaper Agent. In the Chaos mass, Kenta and MarineAngemon rescue Takato from the Jeri Agent and they're taken out of there by MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon. Meanwhile, Calumon and Impmon head off to rescue Jeri but are intercepted by more agents. Impmon digivolves to Beelzemon Blast Mode and easily defeats them and he and Calumon reach the Kernel Sphere where they find Jeri. Beelzemon manages to get Calumon into the Kernel Sphere where he joins Jeri, but Beelzemon is captured by the D-Reaper. At the battle with the Agent, Justimon is no match for it even with Guardromon's help and is nearly killed, but Guardromon saves him (something which Kazu is excited about as Justimon thanks him). MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon rejoin the battle, but even their help isn't enough even though they figure out the Agent's weakness. Justimon is nearly killed again but is saved by the sudden arrival of Antylamon who holds the Agent in place, allowing Justimon to finally destroy it. Later, Lopmon apologizes as she witnessed what happened to Beelzemon and Calumon but couldn't stop it so she came to help them instead. As a reward for her help, Ryo gives Suzie a Modify Card to use herself.
47'His Kingdom for a Horse' ('Save Dukemon! Grani Scramble')
Transcription: 'Dyūkumon o Sukue! Gurani Kinkyūhasshin' (Japanese: デュークモンを救え!グラニ緊急発進)
March 3, 2002May 18, 2002
Calumon found Jeri in the kernel of the D-reaper. She opened her eyes but didn't respond to Calumon. Meanwhile Takato tried to convince Mr. Katou (Jeri's father) to stop being angry at her. Yamaki was designing a more complex version of the D-Arc which he called 'Grani' after a famous warhorse, which he planned to become a steed for Gallantmon. Jeri had flashbacks of when her mother died and began to mutter, frightening Calumon. When a new Agent arrives, Mr. Katou goes to it and pleads for Jeri's release, but is nearly killed. Justimon and Guardromon manage to destroy it, but another bigger Agent arrives. Grani finally arrives and Gallantmon uses it as his steed and rides it up to the Agent and destroys it.
48'Shadow of the Beast King' ('The Power to Save Juri! Beelzebumon's Fist')
Transcription: 'Juri o Mamoru Chikara, Beruzebumon no Ken' (Japanese: 樹莉を守る力、ベルゼブモンの拳)
March 17, 2002May 18, 2002
Grani is fully developed. Calumon tries to help awake Jeri. Meanwhile, Beelzemon, released by the D-Reaper, tries to break open the kernel sphere in which Jeri is with no results. He's joined by Gallantmon who manages to use Grani's Yugooth Blaster to destroy the Agent guarding it. Kazu and Kenta are nearly killed, but are saved by Antylamon. During the battle, the adults learn the truth of the Bio-Merging and are shocked. The shots of the kids inside the Digimon is somehow broadcast on live TV and Ms. Asaji leads Takato's entire class in cheering him on once she sees this. Finally Beelzemon manages to break through to Jeri by using Leomon's Fist of the Beast King attack (its indicated with the help of Leomon's spirit) and Jeri finally wakes up, but grows depressed when she realizes its Beelzemon and not Leomon coming to save her. She eventually tries to reach Beelzemon, but its too late and the Kernel Sphere closes up again and Beelzemon is struck down by the D-Reaper and falls towards the Chaos Mass.
49'D-Reaper's Feast' ('Destruction of the Capital! Culumon's Wish')
Transcription: 'Shuto Kaimetsu! Kurumon no Negai' (Japanese: 首都壊滅!クルモンの願い)
March 17, 2002June 1, 2002
Jeri tries to get out of the kernel sphere in which she is trapped. The Global Task Force launches special missiles supposed to disrupt the D-Reaper’s internal communication but they are deleted as the D-Reaper evolves into Mother D-Reaper due to Jeri’s strong negative emotions. Grani rescues Impmon, but he's seriously wounded by D-Reaper's attack. D-Reaper's evolution forces the Tamers to retreat. Rika and Takato are picked up by their families while Henry stays in the office with his father. The Monster Makers come up with a new plan and Henry summons Rika and Takato who come with their parents blessing. The episode ends with Rika and Takato coming back to fight once more.
50'Jeri Fights Back' ('Crimson Knight, Dukemon! Save the People you Love')
Transcription: 'Shinku no Kishi Dukemon Ai Suru Mono-tachi o Sukue!' (Japanese: 真紅の騎士デュークモン 愛するものたちを救え!)
March 24, 2002June 8, 2002
The Tamers enter the D-Reaper to fight and to rescue Jeri. At Hypnos, everybody is working on Operation Doodlebug that is supposed to revert the D-Reaper to its original harmless form using the Juggernaut program. The D-Reaper opens a wormhole connecting it to the D-Reaper in the Digital World and summons the Cable Reaper. Sakuyamon destroys some of the Agents which frees Jeri. Jeri's own determination boosted by Calumon causes her to start to fight again and the Kernel Sphere is cracked by her Digivice although Chaos Mass starts to flow in. Outside, some cops are attacked by an Agent but they're rescued by Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon and MarineAngemon who are then surrounded by police (it is never explained how they get away). Impmon, Ai and Mako escape the city on a bus, but Impmon is seriously injured and doesn't know if he'll survive. Suddenly a Dig-Nome grants Ai and Mako a Digivice which heals Impmon and officially confirms the two as his tamers. Gallantmon tries to reach the top of the Mother D-Reaper but falls. Grani then approaches him asking if he wants wings to fly. Grani sacrifices itself and enables Gallantmon to become Gallantmon Crimson Mode.
51'Such Sweet Sorrow' ('The Power to Dream is Our Future')
Transcription: 'Yume Miru Chikara Koso Boku-tachi no Mirai' (Japanese: 夢見る力こそ 僕たちの未来)
March 31, 2002June 8, 2002
Gallantmon in his new form seems to be making some headway. Meanwhile, the others are losing. In a last attempt Sakuyamon gives all of her power to Justimon who then inserts it into his blade and cuts the Cable Reaper in two, but it proves to be in vain as it regenerates. However, the Digimon Sovereign suddenly appear and drag the Cable Reaper back to the Digital World where they apparently destroy it. The Juggernaut program is revealed to be in MegaGargomon and he activates it in the wormhole vortex. As the vortex is going at the speed of light, the Juggernaut reverses it causing a minture Big Bang and a reverse time effect in it which will devolve the D-Reaper into a harmless program and send it back to the Digital World. Gallantmon Crimson Mode comes into conflict with the Jeri Agent and he finally destroys her before arriving at the cracked Kernel Sphere. Jeri and Calumon are not there anymore as they escaped and Calumon somehow protects them with a forcefield. Unfortunately, the Red Card's effects wear off and the Megas de-digivolve, but Guilmon flings Takato to Jeri and the two are finally reunited. The Tamers try to figure a way out and are suddenly rescued by Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, MarineAngemon and Lopmon and escape and the D-Reaper is fully sucked into the wormhole and devolves. The Tamers digimon suddenly change to their in-training forms and are forced to return to the Digital World. Before leaving, Impmon asks for Jeri's forgiveness for killing Leomon and she grants it to his surprise. Epilogue – Takato refinds the portal to the digital world at Guilmon's old hiding shed.

Volume DVDs[edit]

Digimon Tamers Episode 24

Japanese release[edit]

Toei Video, the distribution arm of Toei Animation, released a total of 12 DVD compilations of Digimon Tamers in Japan between January 21 and December 6, 2002. The series was also released as a 9-disc boxed set on April 25, 2007, by Happinet Pictures.[8]

Toei Video DVD releases
1January 21, 2002[9]147July 21, 2002[10]14
2February 21, 2002[11]148August 9, 2002[12]14
3March 21, 2002[13]149September 21, 2002[14]14
4April 21, 2002[15]1410October 21, 2002[16]15
5May 21, 2002[17]1411November 21, 2002[18]15
6June 21, 2002[19]1412December 6, 2002[20]15

Digimon Tamers Episode 1

North American Release[edit]

New Video Group released a 'complete edition' of the season (for the very first time) on DVD on June 11, 2013. Similar to past releases, the collection is English-dubbed (only) 8-disc set.[21]

See also[edit]

Digimon Tamers Episode 29


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