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Dns Tunneling Free Wifi Download

From Iodine README :

Analysis on Popular DNS Tunneling Tools. Xiajh on ‎ 08:51 PM ‎ 04:14 PM spenumaka. In the past few years, I did some in-depth research and analysis on many popular DNS tunneling tools 1 including DNS2TCP 2, TCP-over-DNS, OzymanDNS, Iodine, SplitBrain, DNScat-P/DNScat2, DNScapy, TUNS, PSUDP, YourFreedom etc. DNS tunneling for free data transport on a paid wifi hotspot. DNS tunneling for free data transport on a paid wifi hotspot. DNS tunneling for free data transport on a paid wifi hotspot. DNS tunneling for free data transport on a paid wifi hotspot. Meer informatie. Bewaard door. Dns tunnel free download. Verigio - DNS Proxywall / DNS Proxy It is a versatile DNS Proxy server with DNS firewall which filters DNS traffic between local compute. DNScat is a 'swiss-army knife' tool to tunnel traffic through DNS servers. It is a small, yet powerfull tool, similar to netcat. Home » Solution Briefs » DNS tunneling × Share this. Top 3 Reasons to Start a Cisco Umbrella Free Trial. Cisco Cloudlock Advantage for Education. Cisco SD-WAN and Umbrella. What if you could secure every user across your SD-WAN in minutes with a single configuration, and no additional appliances? That’s the power.


'If you are running on a local network without any DNS server in-between, try
-I 50 (iodine and iodined close the connection after 60 seconds of silence).
The only time you'll notice a slowdown, is when DNS reply packets go missing;
the iodined server then has to wait for a new ping to re-send the data. You can
speed this up by generating some upstream traffic (keypress, ping). If this
happens often, check your network for bottlenecks and/or run with -I1.'

What I understand from this and your recap, when you change your default gateway, packets are no longer routed through the tunnel, triggering the 60 seconds of silence closed connection. From the same README, here's the part on routing :

It is possible to route all traffic through the DNS tunnel. To do this, first
add a host route to the nameserver used by iodine over the wired/wireless
interface with the default gateway as gateway. Then replace the default
gateway with the iodined server's IP address inside the DNS tunnel, and
configure the server to do NAT.'

How Dns Tunneling Works

From what you told us, this is not exactly what you did, maybe your problem comes from this configuration ? You seem to lack the host route to the nameserver in your setup.