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Sean Paul (born Sean Paul Henriques) is a reggae singer from Jamaica with African, Portuguese and Chinese roots. The musician emerged In the center of attention after a fruitful cooperation with producer Jeremy Harding resulting in the smashing hit Baby Girl recorded in 1996. The subsequent product of this partnership was an even stronger composition under the title Infiltrate. Thank to these works, Sean Paul was very quick to win domination over the Jamaican charts and get himself spotted far beyond the borders of his home soil. Until the beginning of the new millennium, the musician had been working hard on making separate singles keeping the release of the full-length record in a very long perspective. His primary goal of that time was getting the access to the wide USA public and winning a nice place at the huge local market. The streak of impressive compositions like Deport Them, Strategy, Work With It, Hot Gal Today, Woman Yuh Hot, Report To Me, and Faded established Paul’s unique style and the direction for his further development.

At the dawn of the new age, the popularity of dance music in Jamaica reached its highest point with the best people working in this genre deciding to launch a joint project fronted by a regular singer. The group was named Dutty Cup and, unsurprisingly, included Sean Paul as one of the members. The stock of the band’s songs included such big hits as Groove Me, and Jamone that became long-time favorites on numerous New York dance floors. A bit later, Sean Paul gathered himself other talented musicians and, working as a singer, recorded the song Unda Wata. The video for this track was filmed at Kingston’s most famous place, Asylum Club, and soon appeared a very popular number played by many music channels.

In 1999, with a good collection of top songs, Sean Paul arranged a large-scale concert campaign with visits to some of the European countries, Japan and The United States of America. Also, he did a nice job working with the standout musicians Mr. Vegas, and DMX, as he participated in the making of the soundtrack to Belly. The artist closed the extremely active year with the release of his long-anticipated debut album entitled Stage One. This record made his positions even stronger. In 2002, Paul went straight to American Top 10 with the composition named Gimme the Light. In May of the same year, his single Get Busy reached an even greater success topping this list. All this prepared a good springboard for the singer’s sophomore studio effort called Dutty Rock eventually selling over a million copies and winning a golden certificate. Paul’s third long player followed the glorious path of its predecessor. Called The Trinity, it arrived in 2005 and was also a very nice seller. The artist’s fans had to wait for as long as four years to see him deliver the subsequent album, Imperial Blaze, in the summer of 2009.

Studio Albums

Imperial Blaze

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The hot, many-faceted and rich in energy album Imperial Blaze is sure to find itself among Sean Paul's most successful albums even if it fails to outdo his sophomore effort Dutty Rocks in the quantity of hits
The Trinity
After leading the charge for dancehall's mainstream influx, Sean Paul returns to his grittier roots on The Trinity. The Trinity perfectly captures the exciting sounds of the scene at street level with its strong beats and skillfully delivered rhymes



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