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Hi is there any way to download and install configuration manger console in windows 10 so that I can user it as remote control tool if there is a way how should I do it. In some versions of Windows 10, you may also be able to open Device Manager directly from the Start menu, as a submenu under Control Panel.  Depending on your version of Windows, Control Panel is usually available from the Start Menu or the Apps screen.

How do you open IIS (Internet Information Services) Manager using Windows 10?

Here is how to open msconfig and create its shortcut in Windows 10. Control Panel; Run or Command Prompt; Create a shortcut; Control Panel. Open Control Panel Administrative Tools and double-click the System Configuration shortcut. Run or Command Prompt. Open Run or Command Prompt. Type msconfig and press ENTER. Aug 27, 2013  or ‘How I learned to stop worrying when Configuration Manager didn’t show up in the Control Panel!’ So I’ve been playing with Windows Thin PC lately at the office. It’s kinda awesome. It’s a 32bit only OS, but that’s just fine! It’s meant to be an ultra thin base for ‘kiosk’ type deployments. Jun 05, 2017  With Windows 10, I've noticed, that the link to Configuration Manager from recent apps in the Start Menu is broken. I see it listed there, sometimes multiple entries, but it never works. I always I have to go back to the Control Panel and select it from there again.

I have installed the developer preview of Windows 10 and can't seem to find IIS Manager? It is not in Control Panel > Administrative Tools.

When I browse to the folder C:WindowsSystem32inetsrv it is empty.

I did a full search of my hard drive to find inetmgr.exe and found three copies and none of them would open, when I tried to open them it says 'This App cannot Run on your PC' To find a version of the App that works contact the publisher.

I know IIS works because I have ran local apps through VisualStudio, but I can't seem to find any way to launch IIS Manager to do some configurations for a site.

Anyone know anything about this?

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Thanks to @SLaks comment above I was able to turn on IIS and bring the manager back.

Press the Windows Key and type Windows Features, select the first entry Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Make sure the box next to IIS is checked.

If it is not checked, check it. This might take a few minutes, but this will install everything you need to use IIS.

When it is done, IIS should have returned to Control Panel > Administrative Tools

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Under the windows feature list, make sure to check the IIS Management Console You also need to check additional check boxes as shown below:

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Actually you must make sure that the IIS Management Console feature is explicitly checked. On my win 10 pro I had to do it manually, checking the root only was not enough!


Windows Configuration Manager

  • Run appwiz.cpl - brings up Programs and Features
  • Choose 'Turn Windows Features On/Off'
  • Select the IIS Services you need
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@user1664035 & @Attila Mika's suggestion worked. You have to navigate to Control Panel -> Programs And Features -> Turn Windows Features On or Off. And refer to the screenshot. You should check IIS Management console.

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after turning IIS on (by going to Windows Features On/Off) type inetmgr in search bar or run

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It most likely means that IIS Management Console was not installed, and modern Windows administrator/IT pro should be able to quickly check this by issuing this command:

And if it is missing just quickly add this via the following command:

GUI options mentioned above are also valid (see answer from @Joe Wu) but PowerShell it is best way to do IT for IT Pro or let's put it as 'if you have to do this slightly more often than once a year' :)

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To install the IIS Management Console under Windows 10 using Powershell with RSAT installed:

Credit and thanks to Mikhail's comment above.


Press the Windows Key and type Windows Features, select the first entry Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Make sure the box next to IIS is checked. You good to go.

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Launch Windows Features On/Off and select your IIS options for installation.

For custom site configuration, ensure IIS Management Console is marked for installation under Web Management Tools.


MattyMerrix elaborated very well, I want to add that if you can see 'ask me anything' box i.e. Cortana 'the intelligent software' at the taskbar then there is no need to press the windows key.

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