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The jConnect driver is available as a separate download at http://www.sybase.com/products/allproductsa-z/softwaredeveloperkit/jconnect. Documentation for jConnect can also be found on the same page.

Hi Thomas, Jason's answer is correct for those who have an SAP license for the ASE SDK. If you do not have a license, the way to obtain jConnect is through the ASE Developer's edition which contains a copy of jConnect 16.0.

If you want to use JDBC from an applet, you must use the jConnect JDBC driver to connect to SQL Anywhere databases.

The jConnect driver files
Setting the class file path for jConnect
Importing the jConnect classes
Encrypting passwords

Installing jConnect system objects into a database
Loading the jConnect driver
Supplying a URL to the driver

Jconnect driver download
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Using the Sybase jConnect driver

The jConnect driver is a pure-java, type-4 JDBC driver distributed by Sybase. The driver is bundled with the WebLogic Server distribution and may be freely used.

This document describes how to use the jConnect driver in a connection pool running in WebLogic Server. For complete information on using the jConnect driver you should consult the documentation available on Sybase's website at http://www.sybase.com/products/archivedproducts/jconnectforjdbc/

Jdbc Driver Version

Creating a connection pool

To create a connection pool:

  1. Modify the classpath used when starting WebLogic Server. Add the following to the WebLogic Classpath (using the weblogic.class.path property -- not the Java System Classpath):

    (Where weblogic is the directory containing your WebLogic Server installation.)

    For more information on setting your classpath, see Setting Classpath in the WebLogic Server installation instructions.

  2. Add the following to your weblogic.properties file, making the correct substitutions for your environment:

    Where hostName is the name (or IP address) of the machine hosting the Sybase DBMS, and portNumber is the port where the host machine is listening for requests.

Additional resources

Using connection pools with server-side Java (in Using WebLogic HTTP Servlets)

Creating a startup connection pool

Jconnect Jdbc Driver Download Oracle

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