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Mar 29, 2019  How to Change the Language of Your Computer (Windows XP). If you want to use a different language in Windows XP, there are a few different ways you can go about it. Changing the display language can be a little complicated, as it can be. Just make sure the language pack suits for your Windows 10 build. Follow these steps to manually install Windows 10 language pack: Step 1. Press Windows key + R, type lpksetup and press Enter. Click Install display language. Browse the location of downloaded CAB file, then click Next. Accept the license terms, then click Next.

I have downloaded and activated my MSDN version of windowx xp sp3 32bit professional in english. I would like to have as many menus in french as possible, without re-installing the OS.

I saw this page where there is an update for

Language pack for windows xp free download

To apply this update, you must have the following programs installed:

But I need The MUI Pack for the English version of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Were can I get this MUI ?

there is page offering the download of Windows® XP Language Interface Pack

but all I get is a readme.html which contains

Microsoft ®Windows® XP Language Interface Pack

Language pack for windows xp sp3

The Microsoft Windows XP Language Interface Pack (LIP) is a high-quality, localized 'skin' for emerging or minority language markets, such as Catalan, Lithuanian, and Thai. Based on MUI technology, LIP provides the desktop user with an approximately 80% localized user experience by translating a reduced set of user interface elements. LIP is installed on a licensed copy of Windows and a fixed base language.

Windows Xp English Language Pack

System Requirements:

• Microsoft Windows XP with SP2 or higher (should be already installed on the computer, see special base language requirements for each LIP) • 7 Mb of free space for download • 15 Mb of free space for setup


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