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Mar 06, 2019  Read user NetSuite reviews, pricing information and what features it offers. Those costs may be development hours for internal developers, fees paid to partners, license costs for addons and integrations, etc. Count on it with any major NS effort. I love that there is a suite answers form for quick answers but sometimes.

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Pros: NetSuite is scalable. I've used NetSuite at a company that was doing $200M+ in revenue and a company that is at $60M in revenue. I also really enjoy that NetSuite can be almost completely customized to your industry and business. NetSuite provides for a lot of automation of processes that Quickbooks cannot handle. It is also a better source of record-keeping as everything is somewhat seamlessly connected.The batch upload of journal entries/transactions and upload in general is extremely useful and saves so much time. My previous company used the Fixed Asset Module which was great for record keeping and for systematically recording amortization on a monthly basis. This was also extremely useful to ensure that our policy was uploaded as the amortization rule set, reducing errors in the amount of amortization per asset. The ability to report on the total assets and have their history in one spot proved useful for our audit. Currently, we are implementing rules for 606 and the multi-book and ARM add-ons have proven very useful for our reporting purposes. I really enjoy NetSuite's use of rules for transactions as they can vary from company to company and item sku to item sku. I love the saved search function too! So much flexibility for creating reports helps us create reports for month-end reconciliation purposes.