Mac Pro 6 1 Upgrades

admin 1/7/2022
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Mac Pro 6 1 Memory Upgrade


GPU Upgrades. Yes, the Mac Pro's GPUs can be swapped out, but only three different GPUs were ever produced for it, the AMD FirePro D300 2 GB, D500 3 GB, or D700 6 GB. Apple has kept tight control on these (any official repairs require the GPUs to be returned to Apple), and thus few-to-none exist on the aftermarket, and the two higher GPUs are prone to failures thanks to a wattage ceiling. Mac Pro 5,1 CPU options: 3.46GHz 6 core Intel Xeon W3690; 3.06GHz 12 core Intel Xeon X5675; 3.46GHz 12 core Intel Xeon X5690; For those with a thirst for power the 3.46GHz 12 core processor will score similarly in benchmarking tests to the Mac Pro 6,1’s top spec processor at just a fraction of the cost.


Mac Pro 6 1 Upgrades For Sale

Ok, I have the choice between the 2 machines :
Mac Pro 6,1
6 Core 3.5GHZ
32GB Ram
D500 with 3GB Ram
Mac Pro 5,1
6 Core 3.46GHZ
16 GB Ram
512GB SSD and (2) 1TB Western Digital Drives
USB3 Card
I also have a Nvidia GTX 1050ti to use in the Mac Pro 5,1
I am mainly a windows guy, so I think bootcamp would be better on the 5,1
It has more storage and options I can upgrade easier on that part
Would I see a big difference in Graphics from the AMD D500 to the GTX 1050ti?
I do game, Mainly blizzard titles that are local versions for the Mac.
thank you for your help in this decision.