Microsoft Word Ticket Template Printable

admin 1/7/2022

Some examples of templates include a sports ticket template for a sporting event, a party ticket template for a birthday party or even a dinner ticket template if you love hosting dinner parties. Basically, you can use an event ticket template to make your affair more formal and keep track of all your guests more effectively.

  1. Microsoft Word Ticket Template Printable For Kids
  2. Free Microsoft Word Ticket Template
  3. Free Downloadable Blank Ticket Template
  4. Free Event Ticket Templates Printable

Microsoft Word Ticket Template Printable For Kids

How to Make an Event Ticket in Microsoft Word

An event ticket is a piece of document or paper that entitles someone to enter into events like concerts, fundraisers, charity events, live performances, sporting events, etc. Often, ticket functions as vouchers or receipts to which it is used to refer to as evidence of payment as well as an admission ticket to a party.

If you’re having a hard time drafting an event ticket from scratch, consider these five (5) easy steps on how to make an event ticket using our ready-made event ticket templates. Create, use, and modify templates in Microsoft Word quickly and efficiently.


1. Choose an Event Ticket Template to Use

The reason why you are choosing a ticket template is that you want to save yourself from hassle and stress in drafting a ticket from scratch. With our ready-made event ticket templates, it keeps you from any stressful activities as you download them for free. Hence, you can now create a ticket in Microsoft Word quickly and efficiently without costing you a coin or two.

2. Be Creative, Informative, and Brief

Free Microsoft Word Ticket Template

These event ticket templates are editable and fully customizable. Although each template comes with preformatted content and design, we still give you the freedom to edit everything according to your liking, and with more appropriate information. Your ticket must, therefore, serve its purpose. In doing so, you can be creative with the design and be informative as you provide the information concisely.

Remember that this isn’t a flyer or a business quotation where you can write everything thoroughly. As much as possible, limit the information to just an eye-catching title, time, date, location, and ticket price. This information must be present and printed legibly on a ticket.

3. Incorporate a Logo

Aside from the necessary information mentioned above, it’s also of equal importance to incorporate a logo of your business, company, or event to the event tickets you are producing. A well-designed logo communicates the guests well as it attracts them to attend the event you are hosting.

Free Downloadable Blank Ticket Template

4. Choose the Right Colors and Size

Choosing the right colors is another essential thing to consider. Metaphorically, colors talks through their meanings. For example, a color black would mean power, elegance, or formality, while white means purity, light, goodness, or innocence. Like logos, colors do communicate the audience as well. Additionally, you need to take into account also the event ticket sizes. There are three popular ticket sizes that you can choose from: small (2” x 5.5”), medium (2.75” x 5.5”), and large (2.75” x 8.5”)

Microsoft Word Ticket Template Printable

5. Print or Preview to Test

Free Event Ticket Templates Printable

To achieve perfection or at least improvement, one has to test how a ticket would look like if printed or uploaded online. You may want to print a ticket to prove it, and consider making necessary changes if there are errors. You can also have it reviewed if all the details, including the design, are clear enough for the audience to see.