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admin 1/7/2022
If you love classical music - this app is definitely designed for you! This app includes the complete list of works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, according to the Köchel catalogue, with free music, videos and scores for almost every composition.
  1. Mozart Free Music Downloads

So I had to download an.ape-version of the lot, and use TotalRecorder to extract its content in order to mend my Complete Mozart Edition with this one. This in order to make the Complete Mozart 180 CD edition fit into one dual-layer DVD+R DL disc. Beyond this one error, this download is complete.

COMPLETE CATALOGUE: Browse through the complete set of the works by Mozart - around 700 masterpieces. Yes, even those tiny arias and piano pieces are here!
FREE MUSIC: Enjoy free recordings of your favorite classical music pieces collected in one app. All recordings come from the public domain. All you need is Internet and good headphones.
FREE VIDEOS: Watch thousands of performances by world famous musicians of the Mozart's masterpieces. Youtube integration guarantees highly rated videos.
FREE SCORES: Download complete scores and instrument parts of your favorite pieces. All scores come from the public domain, in a nice readable .pdf format. Absolute must-have for musicians - getting scores was never that easy.Mozart
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Mozart Free Music Downloads

The application doesn't store any audio/video data or sheets of compositions - it just provides easy access to external sources (Youtube and IMSLP). Please, refer to disclaimers on these websites. For any copyright questions please contact the website's owner.