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Episode 7
Kunj is in office busy with his meeting. He gets call from Alisha but he ignores it and try to concentrate.Here Alisha is frustrated that kunj is not picking her call.After an hour the meeting got over,he comes to his cabin and calls Alisha
Kunj:hey Alisha y did u call me?any imp work?
Alisha:(angrily) where the hell were u?I called u so many times but u just ignored it
Kunj:sorry Alisha I was busy with my meeting so couldn’t pick ur call
Alisha:k now leave this tell me when u r gng to talk about our relation to your parents?
Kunj:hold on Alisha.Me n twi got married yesterday only so let us think for sometime
Alisha:I don’t know anything if u r not gng to talk to your parents means I will only come to your home and tell abt our relation
Kunj:no wait don’t do that I will talk about it today only
Alisha:k fine….and she cuts the call

Kunj gets tensed that what how he will tell his parents about Alisha.He calls twinkle and told her everything
Kunj:now what I will do twinkle?yeh Alisha zid pakad ke rakhi hai ki mein aaj hi apne rishtey ke baare mein baat maroon
Twi:toh karo na baat
Kunj:yahin toh problem hai.I can’t loose my think something and he cuts a call
Twinkle thinks for sometimes and she gets an idea.she calls kunj and shares her idea
Kunj:wah kya baat hai siyappa queen kya idea di hai.!!I m proud of u
Twi:(with attitude) first of all u stop calling me siyappa queen and ha I m Punjabi pataka beauty with brain
Kunj:ha ha enough k now start to work on our plan
Twi:k bye

At evening
All r sitting in the hall watching TV and enjoying it but twinj’s eyes are at the main door.After sometimes a girl walks in with her luggage with full attitude and she is non other than Alisha.All r shocked to see Alisha and that too with luggage especially usha.She was boiling in anger.usha went towards Alisha and asked
Usha:why r u here?and too with luggage?
She was interuppted by twi
Twi:actually maa Alisha is my friend.Her mom has went to London for office work for1 month.So Alisha was feeling lonely so I told her to come and stay with it OK for u if she stays here?
Usha thinks for some time and says
Usha:ok she can stay here.and ha Alisha don’t think that I have soft corner for u, I kept u here becoz my bahu requested me

Alisha nods her head.Twi takes her to her room.Here akash and abhay were fuming in anger as they didn’t lyk Alisha
Alisha:wah twinkle ur plan worked.I was so much tensed whether she will accept me to stay here or not but twinkle u did it.
Kunj:ha twinkle thanks a lot now I got some lil strength to talk to my mom about our relation
Kunj:but Alisha u have to try to win mom’s heart within one month
Alisha:don’t worry baby yeh meri byaayein haath ki khel hair
Kunj drags Alisha by her waists and smiles at her and Alisha moves her fingers sensually on his face. Twi coughs and both composes
Twi:guys I m here only u can continue ur romance after marriage she giggles and left from there
Kunj and Alisha hugs eo and touch their foreheads
Twi enters her room and stands near window. She thinks”y I was feeling bad when I saw kunj and Alisha together? Have I started to feel for kunj?No twi what stupid u r thinking!! Now leave this all and think about my dream job.And went near bed and slept.kunj entered his room and saw twinkle sleeping peacefully. He went near her and put blanket on her.while doing so twinkle’s hair came on her face and was disturbing her beauty sleep.Kunj lovingly moved her hair tucked her hair behind her ear a smile appeared on his face.He went near couch and slept.

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Alisha got up early and was preparing breakfast.But she was not able to prepare.She thought”if I m not able to prepare breakfast means usha aunty will not accept me.What to do?idea!I will order from hotel and no one will come to know about it”.She order breakfast from hotel.After sometime parcel arrives,she arranges it in the plate and place it on dinning table.Everyone arrives for bf.twinkle goes near Alisha and says
Twi:wah Alisha bf seems yummy.I think u will get succeed in impressing usha aunty
Alisha:ha twinkle and thank u
Usha comes for bf and is impressed by dishes
Usha:wah twi beta tum to itne saare dishes banaya hai and that too it looks yummy
Twi:no maa I didn’t prepare bf
Usha:then who prepared it?
Usha gives whatever look and sat on chair to have bf.kunj smiles at Alisha and winks at her Alisha blushes
Usha tasted the bf and she catches Alisha’s lie
Usha:from which restaurant did u order?
Alisha:I m not getting u aunty
Usha:not act innocent Alisha I know that these dishes r not made by you
Alisha:no aunty these dishes are made by me
Twi:ha maa Alisha only has done bf
Usha went into kitchen and brought restaurant bill from kitchen
Usha:what was this bill doing in kitchen’s dustbin?
Alisha got tensed vo aunty I don’t known..
Usha:stop lying!! If u don’t know how to prepare bf means u have told at least twinkle she would have helped u.
Alisha:sorry aunty
Usha:u all have bf I m not hungry
She leaves from there.Kunj holds his forehead and twinkle consoles Alisha

Precap:Alisha on mission to impress usha

Abhay is walking in forest and is thinking

Abhay:How can Piya resemble to Maithili?How?

Tears roll down from his cheeks.He thinks

Abhay:Even after she have came back I can’t live her as she is a human and I a beast a vampire.

Abhay gets emotional when Chand comes to him and says

Chand:Abhay I know that Priya resembles to Maithili but remember you can’t love her as she is a human.

Abhay:I know dad and I also know how to control my feelings.

Chand:I don’t think so.

Abhay:Dad if you don’t think they don’t think also.

He leaves from there in anger.

At Mount college Piya is sitting on bench and thinks

Piya:Abhay is very rude.I can’t believe that someone can be this much rude.

Piya is thinking when Kabir comes there and says

Kabir:Piya what are you thinking?

Piya Jerks from her thought and says


Kabir:Okay so why are you sitting here alone?

Piya:No I was just willing to sit alone.And where is Mishra?

Kabir is about to tell when Mishra comes there and Kabir murmurs

Kabir:She took the name of devil and devil.

Misha:What are you telling Kabir?



Misha:Piya come know yaar I have got bored.

Piya:So do some studies.

Misha:What!I have already studied in class now please don’t take the name of study.

Piya:So what you want to do?

Misha:Let’s talk know.Don’t you think Abhay is rude?

Pyar Ki Ek Kahani Episode 3

Kabir:Don’t talk about him only.He always stays alone behaves weirdly and is very rude.


Precap:Abhay to save Piya’s life.