Read Serial Data

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Read serial data from arduino in matlab
  1. Read Serial Data Processing
  2. Read Serial Data From Arduino In Matlab
  3. Read Serial Data From Multimeter

Read Serial Data Processing

Because the SerialPort class buffers data, and the stream contained in the BaseStream property does not, the two might conflict about how many bytes are available to read.

Read Serial Data From Arduino In Matlab

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Read Serial Data From Multimeter

This tutorial explains how to establish a bidirectional real-time communication between Microsoft Excel and your RS232 COM Port devices like a Scale, Proximity reader, Barcode reader, temperature sensor, Caliper, Micrometer, Gage. This solution uses the software 'Bill Redirect' with the 'Excel Plugin' to easily connect your peripheral and receive and send the data. The communication between Microsoft Excel and your device is made via a direct DDE link. An Excel Macro can be called after each data received from your device to validate the data received. This solution explains how you can send a command via VBA to your device and totally control your device. No programming or additional hardware required!