Reinstall Windows On Lenovo Ideapad

admin 1/7/2022
I bought a brand new Lenovo Ideapad 100s for my younger cousin finishing middle school and it came faulty out the box.
When I first turned it on I got the 'Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation.' error.
I tried but that did not work.
I clicked the Lenovo button to get to the recovery but it had defaultuser0 and required a password to do anything. I deleted that user and created a new user after using cmd. I was able to click on restore my pc but it would say there was a problem.
I got tired and plugged in my old Windows 8.1 USB and tried to just install Windows 8 on it. Deleted all partions (Like I normally do without any issues) but then got the message you are not allowed to install an operating system here. Because it is locked.
Now I am just getting if I turn on legacy support 'The Boot Configuration Data file doesn't contain valid information for an operating system.'
File: bootBCD
Error code: 0xc0000098
If I leave UEFI on I get to to the boot menu and options are.
Windows Boot Manager
eMMC Disk: SanDisk iNAND 32GB
USB HDD: <---- my usb stick
Click on any of the above basically refreshes the page with nothing happening.
This is driving me nuts. It came preinstalled with Windows 10 Home Edition.. I think..
It has a preinstalled OS license. xxxxxx win
OA3 KEY ID - xxxxxxxx NOTsure what this is
OA2 - NO
It has 2 options that I have not touched since this is the first lenovo tech I have used.
Reset to Setup Mode
Restore Factory Keys
Boot Made Has UEFI or Legacy Support
I am not sure what to do to fix this. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Mar 06, 2018  There are couple of ways to do this. You can use Media Creation Tool from Microsoft to clean install windows 10. LINK: Download Windows 10 1. Download the Media. How to reinstall Windows from Lenovo recovery partition using OneKey Recovery. Step 1: You can see 2 options, System Backup and System Recovery. Step 2: If you want to take backup of files, please click on the System Backup option. If you have already taken backup, the go to step 6 directly.

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I just bought a IdeaPad 710s (i5-6200u, 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD) and I am quite happy with it.

  1. Usb boot on a lenovo flex 10 ideapad - wiped primary drive. This may work if the recovery partition still exists. Hold down the power button until the laptop is off (about 4 -5 seconds) Then, while holding down the Fn and F1 keys, turn the machine back on. Let me know the result please.
  2. Re: Reinstall Windows 10 on Lenovo Ideapad 320. If you want to reinstall a clean copy (not the OEM Lenovo layout) you can download Windows 10 Installation Media here, and create a bootable DVD or USB drive to do a clean reinstall Windows 10. Note: The Windows 10 Product Key is permanently stored in the BIOS of your system.
  3. First you need to download or get the win 10 iso file. Make win 10 iso file bootable on any external memory devices like pendrive, memory card, disc or any external memory devices which is more than 4gb Make it bootable from another computer using.

Lenovo didn't install as much crapware as expected, but I prefer a clean install.

Lenovo Reinstall Operating System

When I boot my W10 usb, the installer doesn't show the partitions on my SSD - like i'm missing a driver. I'm guessing it has something to do with UEFI. I tried making my bootable USB using both MS Media Creation Tool and RUFUS (GPT). Neither has worked.

Reinstall Windows Lenovo Ideapad 100s

Is the problem related to my W10 install media, or does it have something to do with secure boot?

Install Windows On Lenovo Ideapad 320