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We help you learn the power of REVIT quickly.

Choosing the right Revit resources can make a huge difference. Many families, templates and tutorials are not based on practice, are boring, and uninspiring. The LIFT by Revit Furniture solves these issues by:
Office furniture revit downloads
1. Providing Over 400 models and families. Render ready and light, to help your projects stand out!
2. A Revit Template that skyrockets your productivity
​3. Family and project tutorials to crush the learning curve

Get the LIFT that helps you learn faster, be more productive and crush the competition before it crushes you. Interested... click here for to see how the LIFTcan help you.

You'll Enjoy Designing!

'When I need a break from homework, I work on your class'
- University of Colorado student.
Don't let getting your design, heart, and soul into the computer be a burden.
Get the TOP 5 Tools I use to make renderings look GREAT.
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Let us be your guide. As owners of an Architecture firm, teachers at the University of Colorado Boulder, Builders, and one of the largest producers of Revit models in the United States this is not your typical Revit system. We wont bury you in complicated models, nested-nested-nested families, that sound good but don't work well in practice. What we offer is a system, built from the ground up, forged in the fire of 8 years producing work at a fast growing firm.

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This package helped me to quit my job and go off on my own!
- Mayberry

You guys have knocked it out of the park with your business. I am very new to Revit - I actually started my career old school - many years drawing on the boards, taught myself AutoCad back when it first came out and now I am learning Revit. Your templates and Families have really helped me as I learn to use the software. It is nice to actually get back to more hands-on design! I have spent way too many years in a project management capacity!
Thanks again for the Revit families and Template! They are making my life a lot easier!
- Greg Manley

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