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admin 1/7/2022

Wiselink™ Pro is a Samsung® technology built into some of their large-screen television models. These models are equipped with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port to accommodate external storage devices such as flash drives, flash card readers, and MP3 players. Using Wiselink, one can play sound files, view digital photographs or watch multimedia clips or movies. Function varies between original Wiselink and Wiselink Pro, and might also vary between models, depending on which flavor of Wiselink is incorporated.

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  2. How To Use Samsung Wiselink

To use Wiselink, simply plug a device into the USB port then switch the television to the Wiselink mode. This mode interacts with the USB port by providing various kinds of controls and options. For example, one can navigate through simple menus to engage a slide projector function to view a folder of vacation photos in JPEG format.

Samsung Wiselink DownloadSamsung Wiselink Download

With the television at the heart of today’s entertainment center, the Wiselink port also allows easy access to the attached multi-channel, surround sound system. MP3 music players with the ability to hold one’s entire music library can be played through the best system in the house without need of a proprietary external speaker system. However, Samsung’s website states that Wiselink does not support the iPod®. To get around this, non-proprietary MP3 players are very inexpensive and could be used in the iPod's stead for this purpose.

Wiselink Tool software latest version full setup installer free download for Windows. Wiselink is an amazing application that allows you to flash firmware on your MediaTek “MTK” android smart phones and tablets. If you are owner of a Mediatek smart phone or tablet and want to flash stock firmware of your phone, than you can. Wiselink can only access and play 3,000 MP3 files. If your USB drive contains more than 3,000 files, Wiselink will not play the files beyond the 3,000 limit. If your Samsung television contains Wiselink Pro technology, the device can access and display AVI, MP4, MPG, VRO and VOB video file formats.

The WiseLink tool was created to support firmware flashes on Mediatek devices running Android. Keep in mind, this tool only helps you to flash certain firmwares and doesn’t give you the ability to download them. Fortunately enough, you can easily find the firmware online and use this tool to flash it. Jan 25, 2017  If you own a MediaTek based Android device, download Wiselink tool from here, install it on your computer and flash stock firmware on your device quickly. Wiselink Flash tool works much similar to SP Flash Tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool). Here you can download the latest version of Wiselink tool. Wiselink Tool Features. Wiselink lets you view photo (JPEG) files and listen to MP3 audio files stored on or accessed through USB Mass Storage Devices such as flash drives, flash card readers and flash memory MP3 players on your Samsung TV. To use Wiselink, you attach your USB device to your TV's USB jack, and then access the Wiselink function.