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Apr 06, 2012  Xenoblade Chronicles is a Action RPG game published by Nintendo released on April 6, 2012 for the Nintendo Wii. Xenoblade Chronicles Wii WBFS Download Download Size: 6.70 GB Show Download Links. Solve Captcha to see links and eventual Password. Report Expired Files/Missing Parts; Use latest Winrar to extract the first part and get the iso/rom. Download the Xenoblade Chronicles ROM for Nintendo Wii. Filename: Xenoblade Chronicles.7z. Works with Android, Windows, and Mac OS X devices. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's everyone! This is a tech tutorial to show you how to get Xenoblade Chronicles X running on PC w/ Cemu 1.15.0 emulator with graphics packs and ReShade.

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The newcomers, beginners guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X on CEMU

Xenoblade Chronicles X DON'T RUN WELL AFTER VERSION 1.7.2. AND NO FIX EVEN WITH 1.9.0

'I will help you!'

I found that it could be interesting to gather all information about Xenoblade Chronicles X on CEMU, in a single thread.
The goal is help newcomers to give a good start with the game and avoid many hours of configuring.
I spent a lot hours of playing and set in order to archive a nice visual. I was a total noob with CEMU just a couple of weeks ago.

It will freeze and crash, so stick to 1.7.2 if you mainly play XCX

To play XBX with CEMU 1.7.2 and if you use a GraphickPack: Go to the GraphickPack pack folder, then in 'rules.txt', delete everything except 'game rendering resolution' and 'gamepad view resolution'. After and In the same folder, delete all other files except the '2a706eb8eef36208_00000000000003ca_ps_source'. You will be able to remain a good FPS in XBX with the 1.7.3. For me, I can even back to 1080 GraphickPack with stable 30 FPS everywhere

First off, my specs:

i5 6600K @4.5Ghz
16 GB DDR4 2666Mhz
GTX 970
850 EVO SSD 500GB.
Windows 10 x64 and CEMU 1.7.2. I run XCX at stable 30 FPS (locked at 30FPS) with a 4K graphic pack.

'OMG… This game is really big!'

To begin, it's preferable to have a loadline version of XCX and an USA version. Don't worry, the game will detect the language of CEMU (set in option > console language).
I play in French and everything is translated in French (except voices of course).

Xenoblade Chronicles X Update Download

Why a loadline version? Because, it's more simple to put mods, like no censor stuff. Also, it's easy to change visual settings with ini.file.
What it's loadline version? It's like an unpacked folder. If you have a WUD version, just use uWizard to unpack but it will require keys so look on Google.
Why USA? Because, we will apply a patch to XCX. Before I had a EUR version and sometime it crashed. Since I have the USA, no crash at start-up.

Configuring CEMU before start XCX:

Set console region to AUTO. Option > console region > Auto.
If it crashes, try to set the console region to USA. I repeat, make sure you have a USA version of XCX.

Once you start a new play, the opening cinematic will not work, just press A to skip it. You can watch the cinematic here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEhWUxpC6UU

'Are you still follow me ?'

Mapping the keys:

I play with Steam because I use the Steam Controller. So, for these don't use them, maybe you just have to map keys in CEMU and it will work.
Also, here a guide to have XCX with a banner in Steam Grid Library.

  1. Add cemu.exe as a non-steam game. Then, right click to the shortcut on your Steam library to show Property.

  2. In the box 'Target', copy the link the location of cemu.exe and the.rpx file. For me it's:

'C:GamesEmulationEmulatorsCemuCemu.exe' -g 'C:GamesEmulationIsosWiiUXenoblade Chronicles XcodespaceTravel.rpx' -f

The '-f' at the end is to set CEMU in fullscreen when you launch it. Also don't forget the '

Like this http://i.imgur.com/QwCF0IT.jpg

3) Rename your shortcut as the game you want or as Xenoblade Chronicles X.
4) Optional - Choose a png/jpg image in resolution 460X216 for your shorcut.

Of course, you have to add cemu.exe your steam library for EACH game and then, repeat 1) 2) 3) 4).

Now you have Xenoblade Chronicles X shortcut in your Steam Library.

Turn on your Steam Controller Then right click on it and 'Edit Steam Controller configuration…' Choose the XCX settings, ORGamePad with Camera Control, OR CEMU settings by browsing configurations.

Open CEMU, option > input setting. Box one: GamePad Box two: Controller

Set the keys like this: http://i.imgur.com/qcgJZKC.jpg and don't forget to set GamePad in the first box, if will not works if not. Also, XCX use this latter to fast travel. (Hold TAB to show the GamePad screen on CEMU, and use the mouse to click on buttons). So, press A on pad to set A in CEMU, same with B, etc.…

Ok now, let's try. Turn on your Steam Controller, launch the game with the Xenoblade Chronicles X shortcut in your Steam Library.

Wait the loading and when the game say something like 'no functionalities when off-line mode', press A. Does it work? If Yes: GOOD!

Try to play a bit to see if all keys are working.

Because Xenoblade Chronicles X is quite a deep game, you will be like 'what's it… why… I'm lost…What I need to do…' for hours if you don't. The manual contains 160 pages of tips and it explain almost everything. It will save you a lot of time. I mean it!

Manuel in English: https://cdn03.nintendo-europe.com/media/downloads/games_8/emanuals/wii_u_6/xenoblade_chronicles_x/ElectronicManual_WiiU_XenobladeChroniclesX_EN.pdf

Manual in French: https://cdn03.nintendo-europe.com/media/downloads/games_8/emanuals/wii_u_6/xenoblade_chronicles_x/ElectronicManual_WiiU_XenobladeChroniclesX_FR.pdf

Just change the last letters according to your country. FR for French, DE for Germany, etc... You will set the manual in your language.

Also: choose your Division wisely because you cannot change it after. The game said yes but it's an online feature and we play offline. Actually, Division don't change the game, only bonuses in fights.

Fixing the bug when you entering your name

You cannot just type your nickname and press A, it's a really annoying bug. Use this method to bypass it.
https://www.reddit.com/r/cemu/comments/5d09fm/bug_report_to_enter_your_name_in_xenoblade/ Thank to u/ GITech001.

Put the content of V48 folder in your Xenoblade Chronicles X directory. Thank to u/ GITech001.


u/ LeeKitai Provided a fix that increase the sound and musics.
Here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/cemu/comments/5zv9bi/sound_problems_in_xenoblade_chronicles_x_partial/

Download them. If not, you will have a lot stuttering in game.
No piracy so, search it on Google but don't worry: it's pretty easy to find or here: It will take long time to compile them but when you will load XCX the second time it will a way faster.

'I'm may home to play the new Zelda on CEMU'

Visual improvements (LINK DOWN):

Download this graphic pack given byu/getdls (thank to him/her)
This graphic pack is really nice because it down the brightness and make XCX beautiful. It set to 4K but you can also use it on a 1080 screen. Actually, I recommend.

In order to use it: Extract the file and put the XCX_TweaksInProgress folder in the GraphicPacks folder in CEMU directory. Then: Option > Graphic Pack > Select 'Xenoblade Chronicles - Tweaks in progress'. Restart CEMU.

You can also edit the game files to remove the AA. It makes the game a way sharper.
To do that, follow the instructions on this thread:
https://www.reddit.com/r/cemu/comments/5xhask/modifying_xenoblade_chronicles_xs_graphics/ .Thank to u/Aiboukrau.

Personally, I did both:

Going further:
You can also tweak XCX visual by using Reshade. All details here:
https://www.reddit.com/r/cemu/comments/5uv91b/massive_graphic_pack_for_xcx_13_gfx_settings_5/ Thank to u/ GITech001.

My screen with Reshade http://i.imgur.com/Jg1zRYn.jpg.

Uncensored Xenoblade Chronicles X, music, improve the framerate and more:
Follow the instructions on and don't forget to make a backup!
https://www.reddit.com/r/cemu/comments/5cfi2g/first_xenoblade_chronicles_x_mods_for_cemu_help/ Again, thank to u/ GITech001.

Because it was a feature on the Japanese version and it was removed for EUR/USA.


A very detailed guide how to use Cheat Engine in Xenoblade Chronicles X

It can help you to get items, levels, RewardTickets, etc…

Thank to u/MassTour.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Iso

About breast.
Run XCX and run Cheat Engine. Click on Scan for values. Select « Player » in Cheat Engine and look for Chest Depth, Chest Height and Chest Width. Change these values to 2 to have big boobs and 3 to have a flat chest.

Now you can explore the world of Mira the in the best way possible! The game is almost perfect, just a couple of textures glitch and the sound is not really high. Beside these, it's really good. And big thank to CEMU developers.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Download Iso

'Let's go!'

Xenoblade Chronicles X Cemu Download

That's all for now! I'll edit the guide if I found more information to put in.