Zelda Minish Cap Gameshark Codes

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Carlov Medal[edit]

You must get all 136 figurines.

Golden Tingle Statue[edit]

Finish all of the Kinfusions, then speak to Tingle.

Unlock Six More Figurines[edit]

Zelda Minish Cap Gameshark Codes Gba

When you go to Carlov's figurine shop, you will notice that there are about 130 figurines to collect. When you beat the game, six more figurines will be made available.

Unlock Light Arrows[edit]

To get the light arrows, fuse kinstones until you open up a portal to the wind tribes house near your house(try to open up the portal before going to mt.Crenel). Heal the old man in the bed by sucking up the ghost near him with your gust jar. On your way to the wind temple, go to him and he will give you light arrows.

Unlock Magic Boomerang[edit]

To get the magic boomerang, fuse kinstones with all the Tingle brothers-one east of your house, one up a cave in Lon-Lon ranch, one at Lake Hylia near stockwells home,and one at the royal valley crypt south exit.

Zelda Minish Cap Cheat Codes For Gba Emulator

Zelda Minish Cap Gameshark CodesZelda Minish Cap Gameshark Codes

Sword techniques[edit]

These are the names of the guys who teach you the sword techniques and a list of the sword techniques they teach you.

Swiftblade: Spin attack, rock breaker, dash attack, and Down thrust
Grayblade: Roll attack
Waveblade: Peril beam
Grimblade: (You can find him in the SE corner of Hyrule Castle Garden by cutting the grass) sword beam Swiftblade the 1st: Great spin attack

Infinite Rupees[edit]

If you dig to the left of the door to Link's house you will find 20 Rupees. Go into the house and then go outside to find the rupees over and over again.

Mirror Shield[edit]

After you reunite the Gorons by fusing kinstones with all the cave walls, go into the cave of Gorons. This is after you get the Four Sword and fuse kinstones with the Goron on the right. The Big Goron on top of Veil Falls will awaken. Go up and talk to him and defeat Vaati. After you defeat Vaati, go back to the big Goron and he'll ask you if he can eat your shield. If you let him and beat the game again, come back to him and he'll give you the Mirror Shield.

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